Debian GNU/Linux is the preferred distribution for many users in the public sector, in government, and in administration. This page exists to




Field of application

Status (under study, in preparation, cancelled, rollout, in use, obsolete)




Development of ?DzongkhaLinux, a localised Debian-based distribution.

in use?

India/Chennai: National Resource Centre For Free/Open Source Software

Creation of BOSS, an Indian version of Linux

in use?


Migration of all high-school PCs to Debian.

in use?


Development of Bayanihan Linux, a Philippines government sponsored Linux project, based on Debian.

in use?


Austria: City of Vienna

Deployment of an administration desktop based on Debian.

in use? (German)

Germany: City of Munich

The main target of the ?LiMux project is to complete the City Council's order to run open source software on the administration's desktops in the future. (from the web page)

in preparation? (German with link to English page)

Germany: Federal Antitrust Agency/Bundeskartellamt

entire back-office on Debian


Germany: Federal Office for Security in Information Technology/Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnologie (BSI)

Production of a security live CD based on Knoppix and an administration desktop based on Sarge.

in use (German)

Germany: Federal Foreign Office

Use of Debian for almost everything, both clients, notebooks and servers.

Migrating back to Windows XP (German), Cancellation, doubtful reasons given for going back, Holger says this article in German is more informative.

Spain: Region of Extremadura

Deployment of Debian-based LinEx in school and community centres.

in use (Spanish)


New Zealand: electoral agencies

Use of Debian for electoral enrolment

in use

More governmental Debian GNU/Linux users are listed here: