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    * Debian release names/versions: [WWW]Debian Releases and DebianNames     * Debian release names/versions: [http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/project-history/ch-releases.en.html Debian Releases] and DebianNames

#debian FAQ

1. I want to know about...

2. I'm trying to...

  • Install...
    • o Debian: ?InstallDebian o Linux 2.6: ?InstallLinux26 o GNOME: InstallGnome o KDE: ?InstallKde o GNUstep: InstallGNUstep o Java: ?InstallJava

  • Use my...
    • o nVidia video card: ?UseNvidia o ATI video card: ?UseAti o Sound card: ?UseSoundCard o CD burner: ?UseCdBurner

3. I get this error...

C compiler cannot create executables

  • apt-get install build-essential

C++ preprocessor /lib/cpp fails sanity check

  • apt-get install build-essential

curses.h not found (or You must have ncurses in order to use make menuconfig)

  • apt-get install libncurses5-dev

X11/Xlib.h not found

  • apt-get install xlibs-dev

startx: command not found

  • apt-get install x-window-system-core

no screens found (when starting X)

  • ConfiguringX

LI (at boot time)

4. Old pages

?InstallationPage, ?KernelPage, ?NetworkingPage, MailQuestions, DevelopmentPage, AudioVideo, OtherHardware, PackageManagement, ShellTricks, MiscellaneousPage, ?GamesPage.

5. Thanks for contributions

asg, SimonRaven, bob2, ?GreyCat, jm, caphuso, ?ElectricElf, Joe Lazaro (jlazaro@socal.rr.com), Carlos E. Pruitt, Jr. (cep@ncche.olemiss.edu), sgeiger (http://sgeiger.mine.nu/docs/pkgmgmt.html), sussudio (http://www.linuks.mine.nu/sussudio/), Justin_ (http://www.bouncybouncy.net/), peterS, debian