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||[[https://www.bytemark.co.uk/dedicated/|Bytemark]] || Dedicated servers by Bytemark, from £85/mo ||
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||[[http://www.extraordinarymanagedservices.com/services/dedicated-servers/|Extraordinary Managed Services]] || Debian, UK, (from £130/month) ||
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||[[http://glesys.se/|GleSYS]] || Swedish provider. Dedicated servers from 2095 SEK/mo ||
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||[[http://www.grokthis.net/|GrokThis.net]] || Debian stable, testing, unstable. Debian Mirror. ||
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||[[http://www.netdirekt.de/|netdirekt.de]] || Debian (from €35.91/month) ||
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||[[http://www.sevenl.net|SevenL Dedicated Server Hosting]] ||Debian Dedicated Server Hosting from $40/month. Data center based in Toronto, Canada. ||
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||[[http://www.systeminplace.net/|SystemInPlace]] || Debian stable and oldstable (from $99/month) ||
||[[http://www.ubiquityservers.com/|UbiquityServers.com]] || Any Debian release (from $99/month) ||
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||[[http://www.virtualconcepts.nl/|Virtual Concepts]] || Netherlands, also offer Xen hosting ||
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||[[http://www.xtrahost.net/dedicatedserver/|Xtraordinary Hosting]] || Debian, UK, (from £105/month) ||
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||[[http://www.webnethosting.net/dedicated-servers/|WebNet Hosting]] || Fully Managed Dedicated Servers (in US & EU) with complete Debian Support (from $99/month) ||
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||[[http://www.ausweb.com.au/web-hosting/vmware-esxi/vmware-hosting-enterprise-virtual-machines-linux.html|AUSWEB Cloud Hosting]] ||Mission Critical VMware Cloud Hosting. Fully Scalable Virtual Machines. Latest Debian Installation.||
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||[[http://www.axelaris-hosting.com/|Axelaris VPS Hosting]] || Debian VPS Hosting from $14.95/mo or 9.99€. Lamp Ready on OpenVZ virtualization technology.||
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||[[http://www.bitronictech.net/vps-hosting.php|Bitronic Technologies]] ||Xen VPS featuring Debian OS as an option for operating system. From $19.99/mo.||
||[[http://www.bodhost.com/vps_hosting.shtml|BODHost.com]] ||VPS Hosting - Debian (from $24.99/month) ||
||[[http://www.bitronictech.net|Bitronic Technologies]] ||Xen VPS featuring Debian OS as an option for operating system. From $19.99/mo.||
||[[https://www.bodhost.com/linux-vps-hosting.php|BODHost.com]] ||VPS Hosting - Debian (from $24.99/month) ||
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||[[http://www.clickngo.com.au/hosting-vps.html|Click'n Go! VPS]] || Australian Based VPS - Debian only, Control Panel Included, Local Support - $79.95/month ||
||[[http://www.cloudshards.com|Cloud Shards]] || Debian stable VPS Hosting starting at $6.25USD/month ||
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||[[https://futurevps.de/|futureVPS]] || Debian VPS hosting in Germany (from €4/month) ||
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||[[https://www.gridvirt.com/|Gridvirt.com]] || Debian at its fastest. SSD Based Linux VPS KVM Cloud VPS hosting. ||
||[[http://www.grokthis.net/|GrokThis.net]] || Debian stable, testing and unstable, Xen virtualization technology. Debian Mirror. ||
||[[http://www.happy-hosting.com/linux-vps.html|Happy Hosting]] || Stable and High Perfromance Debian Virtual Private Servers. ||
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||[[http://idvps.com|Indonesia VPS Hosting]] || Debian, Xen virtualization technology, Available local archive mirror, The first and only VPS provider located in Indonesia ||
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||[[http://www.nullbits.net/|nullbits.net]] || US Debian VPS hosting, VMWare virtualization technology. Reston, Virginia, USA ||
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||[[http://www.quantact.com/|quantact.com]] || Debian, Xen virtualization technology ||
||[[http://www.quickvz.com/|QuickVZ]] || Premium Debian VPS from 19.95EUR/month. Enterprise-class features (e,g. Layer-3 VPN, PVLANs, Dedicated Firewalls) available. ||
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||[[http://www.rshosting.com/vps-web-hosting|RSHosting.com]] || Fully managed US and UK VPS servers with Debian operating system || ||[[http://www.rshosting.com|RSHosting.com]] || Fully managed US and UK VPS servers with Debian operating system ||

Several hosting providers can have a dedicated Debian server or services on a Debian server up and running for you within a matter of minutes, hours or days. This page is here to list providers of such services.

Dedicated Server



A2 Hosting

Flex Servers featuring Debian as an OS choice. Instant activation. From $119.99/mo.

Bitronic Technologies

Servers featuring Debian OS as an option for operating system. From $64.99/mo.


Dedicated Hosting - supports Debian, Servers based in United States & Canada, Starting from $129/month, 100% network uptime SLA, 24x7 customer support via Live Chat, Email, and Phone.


Fast Dedicated Servers - Quadcore 6600, 2 x 400GB , 4GB ram ~ €190


Dedicated servers by Bytemark, from £85/mo


Servers with Debian management and 24/7 support. Plans start as low as 93$ per month

EasySpeedy Europe

23 Linux/BSD versions, FREE Remote Control Center.

ESDS Data Center

Supports Debian, Servers hosted in tier 3 data center, Starting from INR 7,499.00/month, 100% network uptime SLA, 24x7 customer support via Live Chat, Email, and Phone.


Web Hosting service - Debian based in UK, London(from £79/month)

Everdata.com Servers*

Enterprise-Grade Managed Debian Dedicated Servers in India,USA & Europe.{Starting at just Rs.4499/month}. 24x7x365 technical support via live chat,email &phone.

Extraordinary Managed Services

Debian, UK, (from £130/month)


Russian Debian (lenny, squeeze) dedicated & VPS servers provider (from €29 month)


Czech republic, dedicated server from €12/month (also virtual servers)


Swedish provider. Dedicated servers from 2095 SEK/mo


Any Debian release, raid1 only (from $109/month)


Debian (from €49/month)


Debian ($160/month)


Mission Critical HP Dedicated Servers running Debian in the UK by Hyve.


Debian stable and oldstable with managed service starting at €120/month

Interserver Dedicated

Debian Dedicated Starting at $39.95/mo.


Debian (from $69/month)


Debian stable and oldstable (from $139/month)


Debian (€49.99/month)


Debian Server Hosting - Dedicated servers from Layered Tech (from $49/month)


London, United Kingdom. Any current version of Debian with Security or LTS coverage. Prices start at £40/month including tax for unmanaged.


Debian 6/7/8, from 49.99€, German Datacenter


Any Debian on Dedicated servers starting from $64.99/month. European ?DataCenter located in Netherlands with superb customer support.

manitu GmbH

Dedicated Servers with up-2-date Debian from 29.99€/month

MilesWeb.com Servers*

Managed Debian Dedicated Servers in India, UK, USA & Romania. Starting from Rs.4999/month. 24/7/365 support via live chat, email & phone.


Any version of Debian, Custom install, partitions, KVM over IP (Core2 from $99/month)

Mythic Beasts

Debian (from £29/month Mac Mini)


Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Servers with Debian


Debian (from $109/month)


Debian (from €24.99/month)


Debian dedicated server hosting in Switzerland (from CHF 80/month)


Dedicated Servers Hosting - supports Debian, Servers based in US / INDIA, UK (Starting from $99/month)


Debian (from €69.99/month). RPS starting at €9.99/month.


Debian Dedicated Servers from ?RouterHosting


Managed Dedicated Hosting Specialist - With the choice of US or UK datacenters, all our servers support Debian versions with managed services.


Debian, located in the Netherlands (Arnhem) (from €149/month)


Debian Dedicated Servers (from $99.99/month)


Debian (from $32.95/month)

Shock Media

Debian stable and oldstable managed dedicated servers hosted in the Netherlands


Debian (from NZD 265/month)

SkyWay DataCenter

High Availability Colocation and Hosting Services with Debian, Germany

Smarter Dedicated Server

Cheap & Reliable Dedicated Servers starting at $29.99/month


Dedicated servers with instant setup, native IPv6, a dedicated KVM and support for Debian Squeeze 32 and 64 bit. (Starting from 79 euro/month)

Softlayer (IBM)

Both bare metal servers and "Cloud" solutions.


Dedicated Hosting Service - Debian based(from $140/month)


Dedicated servers based in Pennsylvania, US, offering Debian 32 or 64 bit (from $40/month)

VPSinEU Hosting

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers powered by Debian


High configuration Debian Server,With Fully Managed Services in UK based Data centre(Just £79/mo)


Fully Managed Server Hosting - Debian Servers in top US DC (from $111/month)

UKFast Linux Dedicated Servers

Highly proficient in Debian. Our always available, secure Linux servers will help you to get the most from your Linux dedicated server

Web Hosting UK Ltd

High performance powerfull Linux Debian UK Dedicated Server offered with Fully Managed Services available 24x7x365 days. Server available in UK & European Datacenters.


Debian, UK based Servers (from £79/month)

Web24 Dedicated Servers

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers in Australian Tier 3 datacentres with complete Debian 6 and 7 Support (from $199/month)

Virtual Dedicated Server

Also known as Virtual Private Server. Virtualization technology such as Xen, Virtuozzo/Plesk/OpenVZ, UserModeLinux, ?LinuxVserver or VMWare is used to run several virtual servers on a single server. Use ServerBear to compare plans via benchmark data (Debian is supported).



A2 Hosting

Developer Friendly VPS Hosting from $14.95/month. Design your perfect vps hosting account at A2 Hosting and only pay for the resources you need.


Fast, stable Xen and OpenVZ VPS's from just £5 per month, operating since 2001.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers a set of services that together form a reliable, scalable, and inexpensive computing platform "in the cloud".

Binary Lane

Hosted in Sydney, Australia. KVM supporting Debian 8/7/6, from AUD$10/month.


Xen-based Virtual Private Servers in London from £8/month

Bitronic Technologies

Xen VPS featuring Debian OS as an option for operating system. From $19.99/mo.


VPS Hosting - Debian (from $24.99/month)


Debian stable, testing and unstable. Xen virtualization technology


Debian stable and oldstable, KVM virtualization technology


VPS Servers with Debian management and 24/7 support. Plans start as low as 5$ per month


Debian stable and oldstable VPS Hosting Starting at £18/month.


Debian Virtual Private Servers starting at $5/month


Debian, Xen virtualization technology


vServers with Debian pre-installed, Xen based, starting from 12,60 EUR


Hungary, virtual dedicated servers with Debian


Debian VPS Hosting from £19.00/month.


?OnApp Cloud • Debian KVM VPS • Superior Performance, 1GB Dedicated RAM from $49.95/m


Debian, Xen virtualization technology


Debian, run on Xen 3.2, based in the UK (from $15.23/month)


Debian stable, testing and unstable. Support and monitoring available. Talk to us about scaling your application.


Swedish VPS provider. Debian, OpenVZ virtualization technology. From SEK 85/month plus taxes.


XEN 3.2 + Debian + GNUPanel. Mainly focused on the Spanish-speaking community, offering a VPS reseller program. Quad-Core, RAID 10 servers located in Atlanta, Georgia (from $25/month)


Debian stable, unstable and testing, many locations in the world available, Xen virtualization technology, using open source Debian control panel (dtc and dtc-xen) soon sponsored upload in Debian unstable


KVM based virtual server with Debian preinstalled. Debian based rescue System. From 7.90 EUR/month.

Hiox India

Reliable and quality VPS Virtual Private Server Hosting solutions at affordable prices.

Hosting Servant

Debian VPS Hosting (from 19.00 USD/month). Data center in Kiel, Hamburg, Germany.


Mission Critical Cloud Hosting in the UK by Hyve.

Interserver VPS

Debian VPS Starting at $8.95/mo.

IO Zoom

SSD cloud VPS servers for $5.00/month with Debian. High availability and automatic failover.


Debian stable and oldstable (from $19.90/month)


Debian, ?LinuxVserver virtualization technology


Brussels, Belgium VMware Debian VPS on Dell servers with SAN storage, daily backups


Pay only $5/month per server with our 'LAUNCH' $150USD hosting voucher


London, United Kingdom. Any current version of Debian with Security or LTS coverage. Prices start at £22/month including tax for unmanaged.

Lightning VPS

Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, ?SuSe (32 and 64 bits) virtual private server (VPS) based on OpenVZ, VPS Hosting, RAID5 protected storage, backups included and more. Data center based in Paris - France. €17/month


OpenVZ and KVM Servers, Debian (32 and 64-bit), German Datacenter


Xen Virtual Servers, Debian (32 and 64-bit), US and UK locations


Debian Lenny VPS Hosting with 30GB Space and 300GB Bandwidth for only $18.95/month. Accept major CC, paypal, moneybookers and epassporte


Supporting Debian stable and oldstable. Data center based in Paris/France (Starting from €14.99/month)

Mammoth Cloud

Hosted in Sydney, Australia. Supporting Debian 8/7/6, from AUD$25/month.


Cheap VPS Hosting

MilesWeb.com VPS*

Managed Debian VPS Servers in India, UK, USA & Romania. Starting from Rs.1499/month. 24/7/365 support via live chat, email & phone.

Mythic Beasts

Debian, User Mode Linux virtualization technology


Debian Squeeze, Ubuntu, Centos, ?SuSe (32 & 64 Bits) virtual server, VPS Hosting, RAID5 protected storage, backups included and more. Data center based in Paris/France. From: €4,50/month


Virtual Servers with Debian US and UK locations


Debian VPS Hosting with instant activation from $6.95/month. Quad core processors, RAID protected storage, backups included and more.


Debian on a KVM cloud. New Haven, CT (from $29/month)

oriented.net VPS

VPS hosting in Switzerland with Xen on Debian providing any Linux distributions as guest operating system.


VPS Hosting - supports Debian, Servers based in US / INDIA, UK (Starting from $59/month)


VPS Spanish non-profit provider based on OpenVZ and KVM.


Virtual Servers with Debian Linux

RAM Host

512MB Debian VPS for only $11.99/month.
Really Debian? http://www.ramhost.us/?page=features mentions CloudLinux. Chealer 20110714


Debian stable and oldstable, from $7.49/month.


Pay only $5/month per server with our 'LAUNCH' $150USD hosting voucher


Debian stable or unstable, Xen virtualization technology


Debian, Xen virtualization technology


Dedicated KVM Debian VPS from $4.95/month in more than 10 different locations


Fully managed US and UK VPS servers with Debian operating system


Linux VPS & Windows VPS Hosting in The Netherlands

SevenL VPS Hosting

Data center based in Toronto, Canada. Starting from $25/month.


Affordable VPS hosting. Ready to Go. Includes Ruby on Rails.


Debian OpenVZ hosting starting form €0.98/month.


New Zealand Xen VPS from NZD 30/month


Xen VPS hosting - Built for Developers.


Fast Debian Virtual Private Servers with SSD storage in The Netherlands.


Debian VPS Hosting in Canada


UnixShell's sister company. Provides Debian and uses Virtuozzo, from $15/month.

Thunder VPS

Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, ?SuSe (32 and 64 bits) virtual private server, VPS Hosting, RAM: 4GB, 2 core Intel Xeon, HD: 160 GB, Traffic: Unlimited, backups included and more. Data center based in Paris - France. Only: €34/month

UnicHost VPS

Debian VPS (from just $29)


Debian stable and oldstable, Xen virtualization technology

FT v-Server.cz

Czech republic, virtual dedicated server from €7/month (also dedicated servers)


KVM VPS Hosting in Vancouver, BC Canada on PEER 1's Fast Fiber Network - Debian, Centos, Gentoo, Windows


Debian, linux-vserver, with or without admin panel, remote console (from €9.95/month)


Debian etch and Lenny VPS hosting with OpenVZ


Debian, Xen virtualization technology


Debian stable and oldstable VPS hosting with OpenVZ or Xen


Debian VPS hosting on Xen in Central EU, from €16.50/month. VPS reselling also. No traffic limit.


Debian testing and stable for OpenVZ containers and KVM fully virtualized virtual machines.

VPS Village

From $20/month - Debian, Xen virtualization.


Debian VPS hosting in Canada or the UK, instant setup, free admin panel, self-managed (from $8/month)

VPSinEU Debian Hosting

Fully Managed Debian SSD VPS Hosting starting at $13.99

vServer Center

High Performance, Reliable, Low Cost Debian Cloud Servers. Choose from KVM, Xen, or VMware.


Germany, Munich - Debian hosting, VMs (managed and unmanaged) on high availability VMware Clusters. Native IPv6.

Webhosting UK Ltd

We offer Fully managed Debian VPS Hosting Xen based in UK /European Datacenter.


Managed VPS Hosting - By Webhosting.UK.com Debian, Virtual Dedicated Server from £18/month


XEN hosting based on Supermicro hardware - Debian stable and oldstable available - beginning at €8.90/month

Xentos vServer

Powerful virtual private servers starting from 6,90 € / month located in Munich, Germany


Xtraordinary Hosting - Debian on Xen, UK, from £15/month plus VAT

ZZ Servers

Enterprise class business hosting solutions. Our Xen Hosting is designed with E-Commerce in mind using our state-of-the-art network backbone and hardware. Our network features multihomed bandwidth, with connections to over 45 peer networks. from $24.95/month

Web24 Cloud VPS

Australian hosted and supported Debian VPS (from $9.95/month)

WebNet Hosting

Fully Managed VPS Hosting with complete Debian Support. Choose location from Chicago, Amsterdam and Tokyo.

Xen, ?LinuxVserver, OpenVZ and UML are Open Source products. VMWare and Virtuozzo are commercial virtualization systems. Overall, Xen has the most consistent performance because it does not allow memory over-selling, like with UML or Virtuozzo. So Xen VPS' are usually more expensive, but performance fluctuates less. Xen has also been benchmarked as the fastest virtualization technology for some workloads. Xen is in many cases limited to Linux and some BSD variants for clients, but will not run Windows without vmx. Most Xen providers only offer Linux. All hypervisors, including VMware, Xen, and User Mode Linux virtualize I/O, which dramatically I/O performance due to virtualized interrupts, but CPU performance is frequently not only slightly impacted. Virtuozzo providers often provide MS(tm) Windows(tm) and Linux. ?LinuxVserver is not a complete virtualization solution, as all vservers run under a common kernel, so it is faster and easier to implement, and is the fastest of all virtualization offerings, because there is no actual virtualization; all processes, including processes inside a specific "virtual" machine, are actually normal processes managed by the host Linux kernel.

Other services

What these services provide you with is essentially a user account, except it is on a machine hosted on fast networks at a professional data center managed by professional system administrators. Typically, you share your user account with other users on the same machine and are given a set amount of resources (bandwidth, disk space, CPU minutes) that you are permitted to use. Providers can offer shells (SSH access), website hosting, e-mail hosting, DNS hosting, and more.




Offering quality linux hosting services(from $5.95/month for 3 domain host with 15GB space)


Mail and Shells. Europe - United Kingdom.


Cheap and flexible web hosting (including PHP and MySQL) using Lighttpd, and other hosting services by request.


VPS and Web Hosting (in Spanish) - e-mail, Webmail, Cloud, Domains, SSL Certificates in one comprehensive plan - based in Oregon

eUKhost - Cloud Hosting

Auto Scalable, Pay-Per-Use Cloud - Debian Supported


Indian Web hosting - Webspace, webmail, FTP, cpanel, and PHP


Web, mail, dns, ssh, rsync. Dedicated web service (apache, zope, or lighttpd as your user)


the Internet Hosting Cooperative. Web, mail, ssh, jabber, shell, other services

Hosting Servant

Offers Shared Hosting, Debian VPS, Semi-Dedicated Server Hosting. 24/7/365 support, 99,9% uptime guarantee.

Internet Dienstleistungen Schulz

Debian based Webhosting. Shell-Access and custom services available on demand. German-language only


London, United Kingdom. Managed Shared Hosting. Free SSL(TLS)/PHP7/MySQL/POP3S/IMAPS/Webmail.


Hosting Web, Voip Server Murmur, PHP, Ftp, MySQL, Server Web Lighttpd. Server in Argentina


Spanish based web hosting company supporting Debian in all web hosting plans. Professional web hosting services since 2003.


Shared and reseller hosting for individuals supports Indian servers (Starting from $1.99/month)


Non-profit Spanish based hosting provider offering shared hosting, mail accounts ... working with Debian since '97


UK based web hosting services supporting Debian. Offering web hosting services since 2000.

Poas Hosting Costa Rica

Debian based servers, completely free software platform: control panel, webmail, PHP, Apache. Spanish-language only, customer support in Costa Rica.

RAM Host.us

PHP,Perl,Python,Ruby,MySQL,Apache-ITK,SSH cheap raw hosting designed for programmers and webmasters.
Really Debian? http://www.ramhost.us/?page=features mentions CloudLinux. Chealer 20110714

Rhombic Networks

Website & e-mail shared hosting.


Debian/Lighttpd/OpenVZ web hosting starting from €0.98 per month.

Ubiquity Linux Hosting

Web, mail, dns, ssh, php, java, pgsql, mysql


Hosting, Mail Servers, VPS, Cloud Services (India)


Docker Hosting with prepared Debian Images