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 * [http://www.contextshift.co.uk/ Contextshift.co.uk]: Debian 3.1, Xen virtualization technology
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 * [http://www.contextshift.co.uk/ Contextshift.co.uk]: Web, mail, and Shells. Uk based.

Several hosting providers can have a dedicated Debian server or services on a Debian server up and running for you within a matter of minutes, hours or days. This page is here to list providers of such services.

Dedicated Server

Virtual Dedicated Server

Also known as Virtual Private Server. Virtualization technology such as Xen, Virtuozzo/Plesk, UserModeLinux or VMWare is used to run several virtual servers on a single server. These are cheaper than dedicated servers and fully functional, but are not as powerful.

Xen and UML are Open Source products. VMWare and Virtuozzo are commerical virtualization systems. Overall, Xen has the highest performance because it does not allow memory over-selling, like with UML or Virtuozzo. So Xen VPS' are usually more expensive, but performance fluctuates less. Xen has also been benchmarked as the fastest virtualization technology. Xen is in many cases limited to Linux and some BSD variants, but will not run Windows without special chip extentions. Most Xen providers only offer Linux. Virtuozzo providers often provide MS(tm) Windows(tm) and Linux.

Other services

Web hosting, DNS hosting, etc...