Hebrew support in Debian

This is an attempt to make Hebrew more usable for new users of Debian, to help make Debian the preferred distribution for Hebrew users and to ease the conversion of Hebrew speaking users into Debian GNU/Linux.

Currently Debian has quite a few packages that help Hebrew users, but a new user needs to install them himself. The best thing would be that if a user chose Hebrew in his installation he'll get the Hebrew related packages automatically on installation. For those users who want Hebrew support but not Hebrew language a solution should come as well, but since they will be more advanced users this option is not as critical.

An alioth project (debian-hebrew) as been created to make the communication and discussion of these topics easier.

The project web site is in http://debian-hebrew.alioth.debian.org.

Any contribution will be appreciated. You can join the mailing list to be updated at http://lists.alioth.debian.org/mailman/listinfo/debian-hebrew-common

Applications for Hebrew


Graphical desktop:


Do we need these?

Hebrew user environment



Install CD

A good idea would be to create a sarge Hebrew Debian install CD, this will have in a single CD everything that a user needs for a basic Hebrew Debian install.

You can get debian-hebrew 1.0 rc2 install CD from: http://mirror.iglu.org.il/pub/debian-hebrew/

Live CD

1. Using debian's live-helper package from the DebianLive project.

2. A LiveCD is also possible by using iBuild, this is a Morphix based LiveCD generator. We can use that to provide a Debian-Hebrew LiveCD for experimental use by users who might not want to install the system itself.


All packages are maintained in the Alioth SVN Server (WebSVN view). to checkout packages (read-only):

To join in the development team:

Information about using SVN can be found at http://svnbook.red-bean.com/