The Debian Hamradio Maintainers team has a website hosted on Alioth. Most documentation, guides, etc. should be on the wiki to allow easy editing by others but occasionally there is content that is not suited to being hosted on a wiki. On these occasions, you may find yourself needing to edit the website.

How to update the website

The website is a static site stored in a Subverison repository. You'll first need to check out the website to your local machine:

svn co git+ssh://

Make the necessary changes you wish to make. If you're adding HTML pages, please add a $Id$ in the footer of the page and run:

svn propset svn:keywords "Id" <filename>.html

in order to ensure that Subversion performs the substitution.

Add and commit your changes as you normally would for any other Subversion repository using a meaningful commit message.

Login to Alioth and run:

cd /home/groups/pkg-hamradio
svn export --force svn:// htdocs

to update the website to the latest version from Subversion.