For information on the Debian Hamradio Pure Blend, see here.

The Debian Hamradio Maintainers team collaborates on maintenance of amateur-radio related packages for Debian. Team members may also maintain radio-related packages independently using the team's infrastructure; there is no obligation to share all radio-related package development.

Anyone is welcome to join; please contact the mailing list. New team members may help with the existing packages or create new packages as they wish. You do not need to be a Debian Maintainer or Debian Developer in order to contribute to packages. See below for more information on getting involved.

Team members

For a full list of members of the project, see here.

Get involved

From the developer to the user, there is a long chain of tasks in which we always welcome participation. First the team needs to be informed about the software landscape in amateur radio and related areas. Software to be packaged is chosen according to criteria such as users' need and the consistency of the upstream distribution.

Once in Debian, the software is monitored for its quality and bugs are fixed, if possible in collaboration with the upstream maintainer(s). All this work would not be very useful if it remains known only to Debian.

We also dedicate some time to assisting new members and setting them on the right track. Please contact us on the mailing list if you want to help to make amateur radio software available to Debian users.

If you speak a language other than English, you can contribute right away with translations of package descriptions at the Debian Description Translation Project. See below for the list of amateur radio packages in Debian.

Very welcome too are tutorials that guide Debian users towards the use of packages to their immediate benefit. You may also consider writing articles about amateur radio software in Debian for magazines, be they online or in print.

Packaging information

Package lists and QA tools


Packaging policy

The appropriate maintainer and uploaders line for team packages are already present in the package template. If you need to enter these yourself, they are:

Maintainer: Debian Hamradio Maintainers <>
Uploaders: Your Name <your@email>

It is preferred that Git is used for team packages. This allows for the best integration with our QA tools and also allows for easy collaboration.

Hamradio operators maintaining hamradio packages in Debian