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Hamm is the code name for a former Stable Debian distribution. It was released on July 24th 1998 as Debian GNU/Linux 2.0. It was superseded by Debian/Slink on 09 Mar 1999.

Security updates aren't provided anymore. - Debian/Hamm Release Information

Debian/Hamm Life cycle

See Hamm point-releases ChangeLog


New Features

Packages & versions

The List of packages provided are available at


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How to build a CD ?

Let me quote duplicate some of Steve McIntyre homepage slink_cd:

Slink_cd: the program.
As I (Steve McIntyre) was one of the first people to try to produce working multi-cd slink discs, my script slink_cd became the standard method for creating slink images. It is BETA software and comes with no warranty, but you may find it useful. I definitely did!.

You may also need to get the latest version of mkhybrid to work with slink_cd - some older versions will not cope with the way the slink CDs are laid out and there are some really broken versions out there. The current version in slink appears to work fine, but in case you have an older version here are pointers to get a newer one. And if you want to use the sym-link farm method of creating CD images then you will need the patched version I'm using.

- the main site for source is, but at the moment I'm having trouble getting into it.
- the source: mkhybrid-1.12a4.7.tar.gz
- a statically linked i386 Linux binary (the one I'm using): mkhybrid.bz2

If all this sounds like too much effort for you, you may want to try downloading the official images instead. Try (broken link)

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