What is DebianGis ?

DebianGis is about improving [ Debian] to make it the best distribution for Geographical Information Systems applications and users. A good deal of GIS related softwares and libraries (e.g. GRASS, see are already present in Debian. Thanks to efforts of the DebianGis team, we have currently an up-to-date GRASS package in main and many other packages. Other programs are along their way to be included in the archive.

The coordination of this project happens on You can subscribe to it by using the form available [ here]. Public archives of the list are at the same place. A list of svn committments and uploads is available at and is generally used by developers for keeping tracks of work done. We started a DebianGis packages repository (also opened to non Debian Developers and sponsorees) and a Subversion (SVN) archive for co-maintainance.

[ ?UbuntuGis] is a project with similar aims for the [ ?UbuntuLinux] distribution. Similar projects are conducted by a few other groups. See [ OSGeo Distribution Special Interest Groups] for more information.

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