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 * [wiki:/Transitions Incoming transitions] -- roadmap for future changes pf main packages.


What is DebianGis ?

The goal of the DebianGis project is about improving [http://www.debian.org Debian] to make it the best distribution for Geographical Information Systems applications and users. A good deal of GIS related softwares and libraries (e.g. [http://grass.osgeo.org GRASS GIS], [http://gdal.osgeo.org GDAL], and [http://proj.osgeo.org PROJ.4]) are already present in Debian. Thanks to efforts of the DebianGis team, we currently have many exciting GIS packages in Debian's main archives. Other programs are well along their way to being included in the archive.

The coordination of this project happens on the pkg-grass-general@lists.alioth.debian.org mailing list. You can subscribe to it by using the form available [http://lists.alioth.debian.org/mailman/listinfo/pkg-grass-general here]. Public archives of the list are at the same place. A list of SVN commits, bug reports, and uploads is available on the pkg-grass-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org mailing list, which is generally used by developers for keeping a record of work done. The lists are GIS-generic -- the "pkg-GRASS" name is a historical artifact from the birth of the project.

We host a Subversion (SVN) repository for team maintenance of packaging chores on Debian's Alioth server.

[http://www.ubuntu.com/wiki/UbuntuGIS ?UbuntuGis] is a page that collects GIS-related information for the [http://www.ubuntu.com/ ?UbuntuLinux] distribution. UbuntuGIS is not an actual project for maintaining GIS packages like DebianGis. Similar projects are conducted by a few other groups. See [http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Distribution_Special_Interest_Groups OSGeo Distribution Special Interest Groups] for more information.

General contents

  • [wiki:/MailingLists Mailing Lists] -- the mailing lists used for coordinating the project

  • IRC -- Use the #debian-gis channel on the OFTC network

  • [wiki:/PackageList Packages List] -- list of packages in, or proposed for, Debian

  • [wiki:/Repository The repository and backports] -- get the latest DebianGis packages hot off the press or modern packages built for older versions of Debian

  • [wiki:/BugsReporting Reporting bugs] -- how to report bugs about DebianGis packages.

  • [wiki:/UpdatingPostGIS PostGIS updating hints] -- how to approach updating postgresql and postgis to newer versions
  • [http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2004/10/msg00007.html The DebianGis Manifesto] -- first announce of the DebianGis Project

  • [wiki:/LiveImages Live images] -- Test the GIS tools in Debian using a live boot image