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 * Paraview has been packaged by Debian-Science team and will be part of lenny.  * Paraview has been packaged by Debian-Science team and will be part of lenny :-)

What's up in DebianGis?

[ Please contribute with your notes about DebianGis stuff, for drafting the regular half-year report ]


  • Solved a bad issue with GDAL, now all major packages are in shape for freezing.
  • Qgis is out of lenny :-(

  • Paraview has been packaged by Debian-Science team and will be part of lenny :-)

  • HDF4 is now in much better shape.
  • GMT is up-to-date.


  • Quite intensive activity to fix major issues with gdal, mapserver and postgis.
  • Qgis is out of main, probably not in Lenny. Helpers are (possibly) working on that.
  • Frozen major upgrades for HDF libraries. AFAIK recent major releases are still not sufficiently tested with the heavy weights packages.


  • Ossim stuff uploaded onto svn repo, still far from being releasable, but it appears having some shape.


  • New upstream versions of gmt and gpsdrive uploaded. Both them are in NEW queue.


  • Current grass and qgis still missing in lenny due to independent causes (sparc/arm buildd failures)


  • Issued first report


  • New packages entered main:
    • libgeotiff-dfsg
    • gosmore
    • viking
    • mapnik
  • New package entered non-free:
    • libgeotiff-epsg
  • Current packages on bpo:
    • gdal 1.4.2
    • grass 6.2.1
    • ogdi 3.2.0~beta1-3
    • proj 4.5.0-2


  • Mainstream packages now available in sid/lenny:
    • gdal 1.4.2
    • grass 6.2.2
    • mapserver 4.10.3 (5.0 on svn)
    • qgis 0.8.1


  • A new branch for grass 6.3 from CVS has been added to DebianGis svn repository. It will be updated from time to time using 6.3 snapshots.


  • [:DebianGis/LiveImages:Live CD image] with the GIS tools available in Debian is created based on the draft tasksel task.


  • ogdi-dfsg and gdal 1.4.1 accepted in [http://www.backports.org/ backports.org]. Main up-to-date DebianGis packages can now enter straight on the Etch backports archive. DebianGis thermometer script changed to include backports archive status from now on.


  • grass 6.2.2 in sid (upstream released on 16th)



  • EDI Meeting at DebConf7 happened. Minutes available at ["DebianGis/EdiMeetingMinutes"]

  • An updated mainstream toolchain is available for both etch and lenny with all greatest hits:
    • gdal 1.4.1 (with KML and OGDI suppport!)
    • grass 6.2.1 (6.2.2rc1 available)
    • qgis 0.8.0 (0.8.1 in preparation)
    • mapserver 4.10.1
    • thuban 1.2.0
  • New packages entered the archive:
    • OGDI
    • Geotiff
  • Packages now under the DebianGis maintainance umbrella:

    • HDF4/HDF5
    • GMT
    • proj
  • DebianGis wiki moved to the official Debian wiki.

  • ECW library has gone. Ermapper changed previous license in an EULA, so packaging is no more possible.

DebianGis Report Draft (to be removed after issuing on d-d-a)