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 * Issued first report
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Hi Debian fellows

Long time has passed since the DebianGis manifesto [1] appeared on this list.

During last DebConf 2007 in Edinburgh [2] we defined a few medium time goals
for our very specialized project. One of those goals is reporting to the
general audience of developers what we call our "Status of the Map" - with
an expression stolen to the widely known OpenStreetMap Project without
any shame :) - in order to show how sexy and attractive a GIS-related
Debian sub-project can be, say what we have done so far and what our next goals are.

So here we go, let me start the first official report from the DebianGis Team...

Who we are

DebianGis is a seasoned sub-project launched at the end of 2004 thanks to the
efforts of a tiny group of Debian developers and users.
The main goal of DebianGis has been since then making Debian
the best GNU/Linux distribution oriented to serious
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) users and applications [3].

After almost three years of development we can say to be currently
the reference distribution on that regards, with also some upstream
developers who follow our main mailing list and give feedback.

Almost exactly one year ago we presented DebianGis at FOSS4GIS [4], the leading
FOSS conference of the GIS sector.

Status of the Map

Our main efforts have been concentrated on packaging the mainstream
GIS applications, such as Grass, Qgis, GDAL/OGR, Mapserver and PostGis for
both desktop and server applications. We also extended maintenance
to main libraries and tools previously under management of one single
developer, like HDF4/5, Proj4 and GMT. A complete list of packages under
team responsibility/monitoring is available on our Package Status Thermometer [5],
along with a still long list of packages which we would like to see added to the
Debian archive. Our main packages are almost continuously up-to-date in sid/testing
and globally in very good shape on the subversion archive, so that many users are
happy of using Debian as their main distribution also for leading edge
development workstations.

Recently, we moved our old information wiki on the official Debian wiki
and dropped our local archive in favour of maintenance of DebianGIS packages
on Backports.org [6] for supporting stable backports on more architectures
and minimizing administration efforts.

Next goals

 * Some specific packages such as Ossim and gvSIG.
 * Provide the tools needed for a OpenStreetmap [7] workstation
 * Java-related Gis applications and libraries for desktop and servers, such as uDig and Geotools.
 * Perl Geo:: modules [8] packaging.
 * Python and Ruby modules/binding packaging.
 * Grass add-ons.
 * Maintainance of a live-cd (we already have tasksel stuff on svn) [9].
 * World domination.

A more specific and long todo list is available on the wiki, people interested could use that
to start working on some nice task.

What we need

Our goals are ambitious and extended, we need more interested and motivated people, possibly with some GIS experience in order to have positive feedback with our upstreams and being able of reproduce and fixing complicated bugs. Many GIS-related program are complex and are charming challenges for maintainers. We don't like trivial packages :)


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2004/10/msg00007.html
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianGis/EdiMeetingMinutes
[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gis
[4] http://www.foss4g2006.org/
[5] http://pkg-grass.alioth.debian.org/debiangis-status.html
[6] http://www.backports.org/
[7] http://www.openstreetmap.org/
[8] http://search.cpan.org/search?query=Geo%3A%3A&mode=module
[9] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianGis/LiveImages

Francesco P. Lovergine
(in behalf of the DebianGis Team)
Report sent on 2007-10-11 12:00 GMT+2

What's up in DebianGis?

[ Please contribute with your notes about DebianGis stuff, for drafting the regular half-year report ]


  • Issued first report


  • New packages entered main:
    • libgeotiff-dfsg
    • gosmore
    • viking
    • mapnik
  • New package entered non-free:
    • libgeotiff-epsg
  • Current packages on bpo:
    • gdal 1.4.2
    • grass 6.2.1
    • ogdi 3.2.0~beta1-3
    • proj 4.5.0-2


  • Mainstream packages now available in sid/lenny:
    • gdal 1.4.2
    • grass 6.2.2
    • mapserver 4.10.3 (5.0 on svn)
    • qgis 0.8.1


  • A new branch for grass 6.3 from CVS has been added to DebianGis svn repository. It will be updated from time to time using 6.3 snapshots.


  • [:DebianGis/LiveImages:Live CD image] with the GIS tools available in Debian is created based on the draft tasksel task.


  • ogdi-dfsg and gdal 1.4.1 accepted in [http://www.backports.org/ backports.org]. Main up-to-date DebianGis packages can now enter straight on the Etch backports archive. DebianGis thermometer script changed to include backports archive status from now on.


  • grass 6.2.2 in sid (upstream released on 16th)



  • EDI Meeting at DebConf7 happened. Minutes available at ["DebianGis/EdiMeetingMinutes"]

  • An updated mainstream toolchain is available for both etch and lenny with all greatest hits:
    • gdal 1.4.1 (with KML and OGDI suppport!)
    • grass 6.2.1 (6.2.2rc1 available)
    • qgis 0.8.0 (0.8.1 in preparation)
    • mapserver 4.10.1
    • thuban 1.2.0
  • New packages entered the archive:
    • OGDI
    • Geotiff
  • Packages now under the DebianGis maintainance umbrella:

    • HDF4/HDF5
    • GMT
    • proj
  • DebianGis wiki moved to the official Debian wiki.

  • ECW library has gone. Ermapper changed previous license in an EULA, so packaging is no more possible.

DebianGis Report Draft (to be removed after issuing on d-d-a)

Report sent on 2007-10-11 12:00 GMT+2