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 * [[http://qgis.org/|QuantumGIS]]: Easy to use GIS. Includes qgis-plugin-grass  * [[http://qgis.org/|Quantum GIS]]: Easy to use GIS. Includes qgis-plugin-grass
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 * [[http://mapnik.berlios.de/|mapnik]]
 * [[http://edu.kde.org/marble/|marble]]
 * [[http://mapnik.berlios.de/|Mapnik]]: Render vector street map data into raster images
 * [[http://edu.kde.org/marble/|Marble]]: KDE app much like Google Earth
 * [[http://www.saga-gis.org/en/|Saga GIS]]

DebianGis Packages List

This page lists binary packages proposed for inclusion in Debian, and their status. Please, make the project name links to the upstream project home page. Please keep all packages derived from a given upstream project together.

The package list could be non up-to-date, this list is maintained by hand, please keep it with a grain of salt. See DebianGis Status for a synthesis page of archive status, automatically generated on a daily basis. This page is useful anyway to see interesting packages and comments about. See http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages#search_packages for an updated details.

Ready in official Debian

The packages found in the main Debian repositories may lag behind what is available from the DebianGIS SVN, which may lag behind the latest upstream release. Packages maintained by the DebianGIS team are drawn directly from our SVN.

Geospatial packages of core concern


  • education-geography task from debian-edu: DebianGIS recommends these additions: qgis, gmt, gdal, proj. (education-geography already depends on grass):

  • GIS "workstation" task

Binary packages



Useful packages to be packaged

Sorted by approximate priority.

Libraries and bindings



  • mkgmap: OSM to Garmin maps converter

Sample datasets
  • GRASS's Spearfish dataset
  • OSGeo's NC sample dataset


For more info on the Java state in Debian, see the moving java to Debian/main page.

Live Web Apps

3D Visualization

  • Visual Terrain Project: proposed

  • VisIt: 3D visualization

  • X3D: modern version of VRML, various libs & apps

  • OpenDX: the open source version of IBM's Visualization Data Explorer. Uses the IBM Public License

  • MINI: proposed, needed for VTerrain

  • OpenProducer: proposed, useful for ?OpenSceneGraph

Lower Priority