Meetings for the DebianGIS / UbuntuGIS comunity takes place on #debian-gis on OFTC

Next meeting

The next meeting on #debian-gis ( will take place on Monday, 16th, September 2013 21:00h CEST (19:00h UTC)!

The meeting shall complete in 1 hour.

Please volunteer for an administrative task, fill in your name below.

We try to use MeetBot to collect the log and create the summary framework. lists some good considerations how to moderate a meeting and beyond.

Meeting agenda

If you put an item on the agenda, please put your name next to it so the moderator can know who should explain what the item is about.

  1. Who moderates the meeting and who writes the summary?
  2. Andreas: Status DebianGIS Wiki page
    1. links to package lists -> Blends web sentinel tasks pages

    2. link to old thermometer -> new Blends code for thermometer

  3. Andreas: Status pkg-osm: Suggest to merge with pkg-grass?
  4. Andreas: Debian GIS sprint?

  5. Next meeting?
  6. Frankie: one who is responsible of wiki contents for TODO?
  7. Frankie: prepare a collection of urgent packages to update/modify/whatever?
  8. Hamish: packaging status of already packaged (grass, gpsdrive, qgis, zygrib)
  9. Hamish: packaging status of works in progress (opencpn, mbsystem, ..?)
  10. Hamish: Add new wiki category CategoryDebianGIS