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What is Debian GIS ?

The goal of the Debian GIS project is about improving Debian to make it the best distribution for Geographical Information Systems applications and users. A lot of GIS related softwares and libraries (e.g. GRASS GIS, GDAL, and PROJ) are already present in Debian. Thanks to efforts of the Debian GIS team, we currently have many exciting GIS packages in Debian's main archives. Other programs are well along their way to being included in the archive.

The coordination of this project happens on the mailing list. You can subscribe to it by using the form available here. Public archives of the list are at the same place.

A list of commits, bug reports, and uploads is available on the mailing list, which is generally used by developers for keeping a record of work done. The developer list is GIS-generic -- the "pkg-GRASS" name is a historical artefact from the birth of the project.

We host Git repositories for team maintenance of packaging work on Debian's Salsa server:

UbuntuGis is a page that collects GIS-related information for the UbuntuLinux distribution. UbuntuGIS is not an actual project for maintaining GIS packages like Debian GIS. Similar projects are conducted by a few other groups. See OSGeo Distribution Special Interest Groups for more information.

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