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DebianGeoMirror is discussion wiki to manage Debian global mirror servers by DNS.

New URLs for Apt lines

There is one type of Debian Mirror archive URL with the new Debian GeoMirror capability. /

It is a service based on http redirections. It is still under development. More details at the following address and the pages linked from there: and source code.

Mirror administrators don't need to do anything special to receive users from the redirector.

Only APT version 0.7.21 or greater (i.e. squeeze or greater) support HTTP redirections. is the old name from the testing phase, is the current and official name. has been discontinued because of lack of maintenance and now redirects to .

This service is based on a CDN network provided by Fastly and ?CloudFront ( Debconf16 talk).

/!\ This service is deprecated, please do not use it. It is currently being used as an alias for to allow existing sources.list entries to continue to work in light of the original service having been shut down.

You can see what is CDN at:

requests for mirror administrators

First of all, please set mirror directory structure. You have to set your mirror by

curl -H "HOST:" http://YOUR.MIRROR.IP.ADDRESS/debian/ can handle IP-based Virtual Host ( ) without any modification at server-side.

If mirror server use Name-based Virtual Host ( ), please fill "ServerAlias". After that, please send mail to and

Technical information on

Contact: Yasuhiro Araki



Health check

by HTTP (1) every 10 mins.

Geo Routing

GeoIP(2) for 42 countries (4) and 6 continents

Server list

autogenerated + (password required)

Source code


Source IP Routing


  1. cdn.d.n checks rsync tracefile by HTTP(/debian/project/trace/#{tracefile}) for each server every three minutes. If server is down, this server is removed.
  2. Use GeoIP to check DNS server which client uses.
  3. Auto making from Mirrors.masterlist. But for Japan, hand-optimized. ( I round up volunteers for your country!)
  4. At 2009 Apr. 13.
  5. Apply at 2010, Aug, 7.

Technology and Codes:

At first, CDN find requester's IP in CIDR entry of the mirrors.

At 2nd, CDN find requester IP's location by Max-mind DB. Max-mind DB is same DB file for geoip-bin.deb package.

At 3rd, CDN checks nation/continent rsync footprint on each mirrors. In order to avoid dead/old/partial mirror.

At last, CDN return nation/continent IP address by DNS-balance (

Do you want source? All codes are available in SVN at

Now these codes are maintained by three of DD in Japan.

It is watching servers: 154 (alive: 113) at June.4 2010.

All of these are

You can see list of servers in


There are experimental mirrorbrain-based redirectors for debian-cd and debian-video.

Mailing List

How to get server list data merged?

  1. Submit information about a mirror of Debian at

  2. As a result, "Mirrors.masterlist" is generated.
  3. You can see latest data at