Debian Fresh Blend

Debian Fresh is a Debian Pure Blend which offers a subset of Debian which is more stable than testing yet less tested than stable.

Idea is to try make a suite suitable for purposes needing more fresh packages than the up-to-three-years of stable while avoiding the potential roller-coaster ride of tracking testing or unstable.

Plan is to only use purely Debian packages that a) have been in Debian testing unchanged for X months, and b) have no newer upstream major release for more than Y months.

As always with a Debian Pure Blend, the plan is to not introduce any recompiled packages. Only available correctional tool is to drop packages that stop fit the rules, where the idea is to try avoid dropping packages by only introducing packages from upstream sources known to release regularly and known to be timely packaged for Debian.

In other words, try offer the subset of Debian both stable-ish and "fresh".

Project Information

Project is currently under development. Communication takes place on IRC at in channel #debian-fresh.

FIXME: Create a mailinglist

Your participation is welcome!

Alternative names

Maybe the name "fresh" does not most intuitively associate the intended meaning. Other ideas for naming the suite that might be better: