Debian Fluxbox is a Debian Pure Blend which aims to provide a fully configured installation of Fluxbox, a light weight windows manager, out of the box. This is to provide an alternative to the standard Debian desktop of Gnome and KDE.

Fluxbox provides excellent handling of application windows in the X Window System. It is very light on system resources while allowing a high level of configuration. Having a low memory and CPU profile, it is ideally suited for thin clients in client-server environments, older computers and live CDs.

This blend will be a fully working system at install. Xorg and a display manager are installed in addition to standard system and desktop configuration such as networking, sound and system notifications. Additional thought will be given to user interface and clean aesthetics.

Project Information

Project is currently under development. Communication takes place on the mailing list. Comments or suggestions? Send a message to the list. Actively seeking developers. Your participation is welcome!

IRC: #debian-fluxbox on OFTC

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