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General Debian FAQ :

Q: What machines can run Debian ?

A: Check out InstallingDebianOn.

Q: Is there any compatibility issue that I should know about the xxx notebook hardware with Debian before purchasing it ?

A: The easiest way to confirm hardware compatibility is to try before you buy. Most vendors/retailers will let you run a LiveCD to test. Alternatively check out InstallingDebianOn.

Q: Can I multi boot Debian along side Windows, BSD, etc.?
A: Yes the Debian installer will generally do this for you. Advanced users may choose how and which Bootloader to use.
Q: How can I run my Windows/DOS programs ?

A: Check out RunningWindowsPrograms.

Q: What is a "package" ?

A: Take a look at DebianPackageManagement.

Q: I am looking for a DebianPackage to do "whiz, bang and the other thing"

A: Check out Software page.

Q: That page doesn't have the package I was looking for ? How can I find the DebianPackage that has what I want?

A: See WhereIsIt.

Q: How do I tell {{{apt-get}}} which http-proxy to use?

A: Set the environment Variable http_proxy: export http_proxy="" or export http_proxy=http://uid:pw@proxy:port if the proxy needs authentication. Alternatively you can configure it in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d

Q: I'm getting this error message and I don't know what it is.

A: Look at CommonErrorMessages.

Q: Can i use a MIDI keyboard with Debian?

A: You may be able to, check out linux midi howto.