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A list of topics/questions that should be dealt with during our the DebianEventsPrepareMeeting2006

Please add your own tpoics/questions


  • What's the aim of this meeting
  • What's the main point of going to events
  • What are our own experiences with events so far.
  • Are there "typical problems" we all experienced
  • What did we think was good/bad about them
  • What resources do we have and how well do we use them


  • How to prepare a booth
    • People
      • How many do you need
      • Who is responsible/event contact
      • Who will receive the materials
      • Who has a car, backup machines etc.
    • What/How much to present
      • How many/What people are to be expected
      • Informations vs. support vs. selling merchandise
    • What you need for that
      • Hardware
      • Software
      • Furniture
    • Where to get it
    • Timeline, when to start with what
      • When to start organising the booth
      • When to start putting it up
      • When tostart putting it down
    • What you have to expect
    • Where to advertise
  • How to run a booth
    • What should a booth look like (Build an example booth and take pictures
    • FAQ and the proper answers
    • How to behave
    • How to dress
    • What Demos to show
    • How to deal with money
  • In case of failure ...
    • Mirrors + local copies of everything in case net goes down
    • DVD Burner in case you run out of DVDs
    • How to prepare your Notebooks to act as replacement demo machines
    • What if nobody comes/stops at the booth
    • What if people misbehave
    • How to disolve a large crowd of people blocking the booth
    • Who to deal with critique
      • From visitors
      • From the event people
      • From within
  • Aftercare
    • What goes into the report. what not
    • Where to put donations
    • How to make sure you're invited again next year
    • Who follows up on things/writes Emails etc

Event Kit/Box

  • What goes in
    • What equipment is needed
    • How much/many of each
  • Where to get the stuff
    • Hardware donations?
    • Buy stuff
  • Where to store it
    • Where is the box inbetween events
  • Who takes care of it
    • Check the box everytime it returns
    • What if stuff goes missing, who replaces it
    • Check hardware, reinstall machines
  • How many do we need?
    • Boxes for other countries
    • How to make and maintain an event box howto
    • Backup box?


  • Where to get it
    • Who produces what
    • How can we get it
  • Where to store it
    • Who stores it
    • One central place or leave remaining stuff at the place of the
      • event until it's needed elsewhere
  • Who takes care of it
    • Who keeps an eye on how much is where
    • Who reordern when stuff runs out
    • Who decides how much goes to an event
  • DVDs
    • Who can make them (as in create a custom image)
    • Who can make them (as in produce n DVDs plus a nice booklet and
      • cover etc.
    • Who can pay for them