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Theme and event layout


Dates for bookworm:

2023-01-12: Transition and Toolchain Freeze 2023-02-12: Soft Freeze 2023-03-12: Hard Freeze - for key packages and packages without autopkgtests

I love Free Software Day is on 14 February and may be a great outreach event - volunteer to coordinate this in whatever way (virtual, in person, combination, blogs,whatever, needed)

It will be quite an informal event with fewer talks and more hacking, bug squashing and preparing for bookworm

Projects, Sprints and Lightning Talks

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Bernelle / indiebio

indiebio on mattermost, IRC

whole event

geospatial, javascript, FOSS metaverse

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There will not be centrally arranged accommodation. Below are some suggested hotels and hostels.

Bernelle has booked an apartment with a kitchen and washing machine near the venue that could sleep up to 9 people - Casa da Avenida Lisboa. Please email or ping indiebio on IRC to arrange sharing the apartment. People sharing need to agree to the Social Contract and be sensitive to LGBTQIA+.

At this point there are no sponsorships, but if you need financial assistance please get in touch and we will try to find a solution.

Open tasks

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