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## === Merchandising Stuff ===
=== Merchandising Stuff ===
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joostvb will bring for selling: debian usb fans, debian "duck" lighters


  • Location: Fontys, Eindhoven, Netherlands

    • i.e. Fontys University of Applied Science, Rachelsmolen 1, 5612 AM Eindhoven
  • Start: sat 18 november 2017; location opens sat at 8:30 hrs for building up stands
  • (location closes sat at 18:00 hrs; location opens sun at 9:00 hrs)
  • End: sun 19 november 2017; cleaning stands starts at 17:00 hrs, location closes sun at 18:00 hrs
  • Entrance is gratis, no registration needed
  • Main website: https://www.t-dose.org/

  • Main coordinator: contact Joost van Baal-Ilić if you really need to communicate in private. If not, just use debian-events-nl@lists.debian.org. Alternatively, use IRC : #debian-nl at irc.oftc.net.


If you plan to attend the event you are welcome to help at the booth, just add yourself to the table below and get in touch for coordination and have a look to announcement mail.

Open tasks

  • [x] announcement mail
  • [x] apply for a booth
  • [ ] create a poster or other promoting material
  • [ ] add booth layout and map to wiki
  • [ ] find volunteers for the booth
  • [ ] register additional people, which hopefully join the booth
  • [x] organize decoration / table cloth
  • we need info material!!
    • [x] flyers
  • [ ] update DebianEvents

Booth presence


preferred days/time









Geert Stappers will be present both sat and sun. Joost van Baal-Ilić will be present sat. Rumor has it Vipul "vagarwal" Agarwal, Paul "elbrus" Gevers, Rene "renegrader", webmind, Paul van der Vlis and maybe Sebastiaan "sebastic" Couwenberg plan to be present and helping staffing the booth at some moments.

Booth Infrastructure

  • Tafelkleed
  • Flyers
  • Collecttebus
  • Laptop

Merchandising Stuff

joostvb will bring for selling: debian usb fans, debian "duck" lighters


Please add links to reports, blog posts, photos etc about the event here: