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=== How is the weather going to be? ===

 * Official weather forecasts (Italian only): http://www.arpalombardia.it/siti/arpalombardia/meteo/previsionimeteo/meteolombardia/Pagine/default.aspx and http://www.arpalombardia.it/siti/arpalombardia/meteo/previsionimeteo/meteolombardia/Pagine/Province.aspx?codeprov=VA
 * Another local source of weather forecasts (Italian only): http://www.astrogeo.va.it/meteo.htm
 * Swiss forecasts (also in English): http://www.meteoswiss.admin.ch/home.html?tab=overview (look for Lugano in the south)

Winter in Europe can be grey and boring, and FOSDEM is too short to satisfy our need to meet Debian people; isn't this a good time to spend near the italian lakes, where the weather is dry and relatively warm, for an event in the SunCamp style?.

As the SunCamp, this is not going to be a (Mini)Conf, but a DIY ?MiniDebcamp.

Contrary to the SunCamp, we are going to be hosted by a small hostel, with less facilities, and we are going to be the sole occupants for the duration of the event.


Organisation and discussion


What to expect

What not to expect

What to bring

  • warm, layered clothing (winters in this area are mild, but in the night temperatures can be as low as -5°C)
  • PGP slips for keysigning
  • Badges/lanyard keychain
  • Extra ethernet cables should never hurt
  • Sunscreen (not really, unless you want to go hiking on snow-covered mountains)


Because we need to reserve the whole hostel, the even will only happen if there are at least (~)15 people who are registered and will stay at the hostel. The go/no go date will be around the end of December 2017.

The price will depend on the number of participants, as we will have to cover the cost of the whole hostel (400 € / day), so you can expect something around 25 € / day, excluding food.

How to register

Location details

How to get there

Laveno is served by two train stations with trains from Milan and from the Malpensa Airport. Additionally a commuter line from Bellinzona is currently served by buses because of renovation works that are supposed to end in December 2017.


How is the weather going to be?



Please add links to reports, blog posts, photos etc about the event here: