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 * Invite [[http://hcsoftware.sourceforge.net/jason-rohrer/|Jason Rohrer]] ([[https://github.com/jasonrohrer|@jasonrohrer on GitHub]]) to talk, he makes a lot of interesting non-traditional games, including art games


  • Content: nattie, PaulWaring, acute, highvoltage ...TBA

  • Video: Likely DebConf Video team, ...TBA

  • Beer: urbec


MDCO#1 was highly experimental, bare bones and on a very short timeline. As such, we avoided sponsors because there was some risk involved. For MDCO#2, we don't strictly need sponsors but it might be nice to have them. This would need someone to co-ordinate it, so if you'd like to be part of (or the) sponsors team, step up or it won't happen :)




  • Invite Ryan C. Gordon to talk (he has ported a bunch of games to Linux: https://icculus.org/) [tasked to: PaulWaring]

    • Email request sent 18/07/2020
  • Invite the gamemode authors to give a talk, might have lots of interesting perfomance insights that are interesting for non-gamers as well: https://github.com/FeralInteractive/gamemode [tasked to highvoltage]

    • Sent an email info@feral on 2020-09-02
  • Invite 0AD to give a talk (they were at FOSDEM this year and seem nice), they have formed a non-profit project and are also with SPI, might have some interesting insights in to funding a free software game: https://play0ad.com/

    • Stanislas Dolcini has agreed, they are credited for 3D Art, Map Making, Programming [tasked to: PhilMorrell]

  • Invite Godot to talk, Godot is a completely free 2D and 3D gaming engine with many great features and is packaged in Debian: https://godotengine.org/ [tasked to: PaulWaring]

    • Email request sent 28/07/2020
  • Invite some of our upstreams to talk: krita, blender, inkscape (which hit v1.0.0 this year!), pygame, ...
    • highvoltage sent an email to blender foundation on 2020-09-02
    • highvoltage asked on Twitter on 2020-09-08

    • TODO: highvoltage will send to krita
    • TODO: highvoltage will send to pygame
  • Invite author of Godello for a talk, https://github.com/alfredbaudisch/Godello [tasked to: highvoltage (asked him on twitter)]

    • Godello is in

Not yet tasked


  • Debian Games bug day during DebCamp? Have a day where we pay some attention to bugs in game packages in debian.

  • Have a schedule for minidebcamp, we can watch some previous related videos, or use this to demo games. Suggest having it sparsely populated to leave time for hacking / talking / playing games that were demoed / fixing bugs in games / etc.
  • "L"AN party in the camp/conf "evenings" mostly polled/scheduled in advance to give time for players to sort out installation/setup hosting. [?tasked to: PhilMorrell?]

Useful info for speakers

Maybe add this to main page?

  • Have run this event online before (track record)
  • Have our own Jitsi instance (reliable)
  • 200-300 "attendees"
  • Videos recorded and available afterwards