How to follow and participate in videos

The video stream will be available on:; Please see that page to access the stream in your browser, or to get instructions to watch the stream in a video player.

To be an active participant in a BoF, you'll need to get the room password, ask on #minidebconf-online for this. If you want to be a more passive participant, please watch the stream. You can still relay questions and comments. Prepend your question in #minidebconf-online with "QUESTION:" and it will be relayed to the room.

Tips for presenters

Video team roles

Talkmeister: The talkmeister will introduce the speaker, and (optionally) show the time left slides (some speakers might not want/need it). The talkmeister will also monitor IRC and relay questions to the speaker. Here are some slides that you can use if you want, we're not sure how well it will work yet, so consider it highly optional: mini-dc-on.odp (libreoffice) mini-dc-on.pdf (PDF).

Director: The director will be the person who initiates the stream. The director's view will determine what ends up in the stream and the recordings. The director is free to choose whichever screen / view might seem the most appropriate at a given time, but remember to fix it on the presenter during the talk, so that the talkmeister doesn't get focus when doing something like showing time left.

Director Training

  1. Make sure that the talk is streaming - there will be a blue circle saying 'LIVE' in the top right corner of your screen'
  2. Make sure you are muted
  3. Click on the three vertical dots in the bottom right corner to access more options, click on Settings and go to the More tab. There click 'Everyone follows me' and click OK.
  4. When you click on a video feed, that is displayed on the stream. Try to ensure that you keep focus on the presenter.
  5. Occasionally Jitsi may change focus, you can restore what it should be by clicking on a video feed
  6. Once the talk is over, select the Talk Meister's video when they are showing the 'Talk Starting Soon' slide
  7. Give up director permissions by going to Settings, More tab and unselecting 'Everyone follows me'


Jitsi limitations and working notes: