The Free Software Desktop to 2020 and beyond!

Neil McGovern

One of the amazing things about the GNOME project is how it brings people together, both by bringing new developers into free software for the first time, and by fostering cooperation and interoperability between different Free Software components. The "year of the Free Software desktop" may not be in the next twelve months, but for those that use GNU/Linux, we can work together to ensure that software freedoms are accessible by all.

This talk will have a look at some of the challenges that GNOME and Free Software desktops face at the moment, a brief look into a possible future if we aren't vigilant, and how we can meet those head-on and thrive.

Presenter Bio

A long-term contributor to Free Software, Neil ?McGovern has held posts on the boards of Software in the Public Interest, Open Rights Group and served a term as the Debian Project Leader. Neil currently works as the Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation.