Balram Pariyarath - Hi Jessie!

This is Just a small talk session about one my projects which will help the user to make their system more responsive. It is actually an IPA (Intelligent Personal Assistant) like Cortana or Siri, for Debian which links with wiki pages of Debian and uses some other APIs (of google) to return a correct solution to the Query asked. It can be accessed by simply calling out "Hi Jessie" (the OS name, of course!), and asked about anything you need to know. The main idea behind developing this plugin is to make Linux systems more user-friendly compared to other systems available in the market. The project will be made open and anybody can make the better out of it.

Advantages: 1) Easy to use and ask query. 2) Linking with wiki pages helps to decide between packages and give a better answer to the queries, more quickly. 3) Accessible from any work-space and while running any app. 4) Helps to search, install, open any file or application in the system.

Tags: Debian, Jessie, IPA, Voice Assistant. Language Spoken: English