Mini-debconf in Cambridge, UK. Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th November 2015

The Plan


The Location

We have space provided by ARM at their offices in Cambridge, UK.



ARMlogo.png ARM are hosting the conference, providing infrastructure etc. for us.

Getting there

Cambridge is easy for access by

Once you're in Cambridge, there there are several ways to get to ARM. It's a couple of miles from the city centre or railway station, so it's walkable if you're keen or you might prefer something else.

* There are regular bus services that go along Cherry Hinton Road straight past ARM - look for the C1 or C3.


There are many Debian people who live in and around Cambridge, so we have lots of locals to help show people around and arrange free accommodation / crash space for a lot of visitors.

ARM is in the SE corner of Cambridge, next to Cherry Hinton, a couple of miles from Cambridge City centre.

If you'd prefer a hotel or B&B over dossing/crash space, here's a map showing accommodation locations and prices where known. No URLs yet.

There are 3 hotels and 18 B&Bs within reasonable distance. Mostly clustered on Cherry Hinton Rd, about halfway between ARM and the town centre. The closest hotel is the Holiday Inn Express but it's a km or so from any evening facilities. The Sorrento is about the same distance. Hotels are £66-100, B&Bs £40-55.

There are loads more (mostly expensive) hotels in the middle of town.


We're planning on eating at the ARM campus each lunchtime. On Thursday and Friday the normal ARM canteen will be open and there is a wide range of food on offer to suit most tastes.

On Saturday and Sunday we'll order in sandwiches, pizza or similar. There are plenty of shops within 10 minutes' walk if you would prefer to do something different, of course.

For other evenings, we'll most likely organise into smaller groups at the time - 40+ people in one pub is likely to be difficult! Cambridge is quite a cosmopolitan city with all sorts of restaurants - ask if you need recommendations.

Talk to us

We'll be using the IRC channel #debconf-cambridge on for chat during the mini-conf, and especially for anybody watching video and wanting to join in. We're on Twitter; connect to us @?MiniDebConfCamb

Sprint sessions - Thursday and Friday

We will be hosting these in ARM3, rooms TBD. Each day we will have our room available from 09:00 to 17:00. Look for the front desk in the reception area at the front of ARM1; we'll have people there from 08:30 each day. Turn up and sign in directly in ARM1 please. BE AWARE that ARM is desperately short of parking space on site, so please do not plan to drive and park here for Thursday and Friday.

We will end up working on the ARM ports and other ARM-related topics at the very least, but there's no reason to just stick to those. All are welcome!

Talks - Saturday and Sunday

We will relocate to ARM1 for the weekend sessions. Please turn up from 08:30 onwards. We'll have a front desk in the reception area there. Please be sure to bring your badges from Thursday/Friday again if you already have them. Parking should be easy over the weekend with a mostly-empty campus.

Talk slots are 60 minutes long, but talks should fit into 55 minutes maximum, including questions, demos, dance routines, whatever. If talks run shorter, we will leave a gap and stick to the schedule, for the sake of any external participants who might be watching via video feed.

If you have something you'd like to talk about but not big enough for a full slot, please feel free to sign up for a lightning session slot on either Saturday or Sunday lunchtime. If you're interesting enough you might even distract people from their lunch! :-)


We'll have some of the lovely DebConf video team with us again in Cambridge. Recordings of the talks will be available online after the event, and we're hoping to stream talks live too.

Lightning talks



If you take photos, please feel free to add links here yourself!


Please fill in the table below with your details, including if you're planning on joining us for the hack/sprint sessions on Thu/Fri, the talks on Sat/Sun or both. If you have any special food requirements, make sure you let us know so we can help plan for catering. Please list all people individually, no "+1"s as we'll be using the list here to generate name badges etc. If you're struggling to create a wiki account or to log in to add yourself here, please [ mail Steve] and he'll help.

Group photo