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||?|| 9-14 July 2011 || [[http://rmll.info| RMLL]]|| Strasbourg|| || || [[DebianEventsFr/2011/SolutionsLinux]]|| ||?|| 19-21 June 2012 || [[http://www.solutionslinux.fr/| Solutions Linux]]|| Paris || || || [[DebianEventsFr/2012/SL]]||

For events in other countries please refer to DebianEvents

This is a coordination page for events in the French-speaking area. Its purpose is to make sure no important events are missed, it's not meant for the actual organisation (which should still be done via debian-events-eu@lists.debian.org or sub-pages here) just so there is an overview over the upcoming events, who takes care of them and what's going to happen there.

You can also find resources through Debian France via asso@france.debian.net

Don't forget to mail events@debian.org if you take over an event!


  • A ? means our participation in this event is not sure yet

  • A x means we'll be there

  • A - means won't be there

  • A p means we have the people but are not sure if we'll actually have a booth there

  • A b means we have a booth there but are not sure if we have enough people to staff it

  • A t means someone will do a talk or workshop, but we currently don't plan to have a booth there

Upcoming Events





(local) Coordinator

booth staff



19-21 June 2012

Solutions Linux