During the Mini-DebConf Marseille a KSP event will be held. We will use the same method used by FOSDEM.

Before the event

Submit your keys

If you intend to participate in the PGP keysigning event, you must submit the keys you would like to have signed to the keyserver listening on minidebconf-mrs.debian.net. If you are using GnuPG, this can easily be accomplished with:

$ gpg --keyserver minidebconf-mrs.debian.net --send-key [keyid]

You may want to verify that your submission made it to the keyserver by checking the list of submitted keys at https://minidebconf-mrs.debian.net/keys/ (within a delay of 5 minutes).

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, 19 May 2019. After this date, the keyserver will no longer accept submissions and the official keylist will be published.

Download the list of participants

If you are participating in the keysigning event (i.e.: you have submitted your key to the keyserver), you should download the final list of participants and follow its instructions closely. Said instructions are at the beginning of the file.

The final list of participants will be available from https://minidebconf-mrs.debian.net/files/.

If there is a trust-path between you and the author, you should verify the list's detached signature using:

$ gpg --verify ksp-minidebconf-mrs2019.txt.asc ksp-minidebconf-mrs2019.txt

Besides the official list, ksp-minidebconf-mrs2019.txt, we also provide non-authoritative files that may make your life easier. It is up to you, the participant, to verify that these files actually contain the same information than the official list: e.g. for the keyring.gpg file, you could run the keylist.txt.sh script and verify that the output similar enough to the official list. Note that different GnuPG version may output slightly different output. In particular, GnuPG older than version 2.1 uses a different key format.

The key signing event itself

The keysigning event takes place on Sunday, at TODO, in TODO. The event will take 15 to 30 minutes. To participate, you should have submitted your keys before the deadline. Please bring the printed list, a pen and appropriate form of identification with you. Note that it is not possible to print the list at the conference (?).

After the event

Please complete your signing homework before Tuesday, 27 August 2019, and send your key signatures to the verified key owners, or upload them to a well-connected keyserver. You may find caff a helpful tool.