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Dates and format of the event

Debian people meet again in Hamburg. Probably we will just be hacking from Monday to Friday, and have talks on Saturday and Sunday with possibly some off-site activity on Sunday afternoon.

Partners and sponsors supporting this event



Thanks a lot for making this MiniDebConf possible!

sign up for video shifts

you can sign up for video shifts here


This schedule is preliminary and might change slightly.

Monday (May 23th)

Time (UTC+2)





daily standup meeting

Tuesday (May 24th)

Time (UTC+2)





daily standup meeting

Wednesday (May 25th)

Time (UTC+2)





daily standup meeting


Holger Levsen

reproducible builds meetup


Max Harmathy

Workshop: Introduction to Gitlab CI

Thursday (May 26th)

Time (UTC+2)





daily standup meeting


Roland Clobus

(Offline) board and card games (Quartierküche)


Group photo participants

Group photo, more details to follow. If you can't make it on this time, get in touch with highvoltage so that you can be gimped in.


Holger Levsen

Tour through the Fux building, through the cellars and up to the roof of one the towers

Friday (May 27th)

Time (UTC+2)




stappers, joostvb

running. meet at tent outside at the back of the venue, before 7.00. we start at 7.00 sharp.


Holger Levsen

reproducible builds meetup



daily standup meeting


Roland Clobus

Debian Live-ng brainstorming session


everyone at the same time

Cheese & Wine party, in the Dock Europe guesthouse breakfast kitchen, 1st floor

Saturday (May 28th)

Time (UTC+2)





stappers, joostvb, Lee

running. meet at tent outside at the back of the venue, before 8.00. we start at 8.00 sharp.


Holger Levsen et al.

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony


Dominik George & Tom Teichler

An update on Debian Edu, AlekSIS, and FOSS in education


Coffee Break


Felix Moessbauer

Packaging Tensorflow for fun and profit



Agathe Porte

Tracking ITP dependencies with Graphviz



Lunch Break


Jelmer Vernooij

Automating Debian Packaging

Automating Debian Packaging.pdf


Rudolph Bott

The state of Ganeti


Coffee Break


Christoph Berg

SQLreduce: Reduce verbose SQL queries to minimal examples



Philip Hands

How to write new tests for


Holger Levsen

ReproducibleBuilds for Bullseye, Bookworm and beyond

Reproducible Builds for Bullseye, Bookworm and beyond



Sunday (May 29th)

Time (UTC+2)




Andreas Mundt

Improving atftp{,d}, the advanced TFTP client and server



Roland Clobus

Reproducible builds as applied to non-compiler output


Coffee Break


Jonathan Carter

You wouldn't download a Debian Developer



Holger Levsen et al.

Closing Ceremony

Closing ceremony


Lunch Break



Day Trip

Monday (May 30th)

Time (UTC+2)




Holger Levsen

final standup meeting


welcome to coordinate your travel (on the same wiki page) and look for/offer travel companionship.

Standup meetings at 15:00 on Monday to Friday

On Monday to Thursday there will be a standup meetings at 15:00, lasting max. 30 minutes, in the Hacklab. Its purpose is to make short announcements of the day (or for the next day) but mostly to tell the other participants what people are working on individually or as a team / in a sprint. This make it possible to join others, find helpers, and in general get to know what's going on.

Video coverage

There will be video coverage of the talks given on Saturday and Sunday. Head to to watch them!

Video recordings of the presentations are available on

Remote participation

For remote participation you can use IRC on by joining the channel

Else there is not much more than the usual Debian remote settings, and as we've been working from home *and* anywhere since 1993 there's plenty of options, eg and there's include as well for those who prefer remote A/V communication.

Covid 19

As "covid pandemic has officially been declared as over' there are no mask or vaccination mandates effective in Hamburg anymore.

So while we still highly recommend everyone to be vaccinated we cannot prevent unvaccinated people roaming in and outside the venue, thus it seems unreasonable to require this from attendees.

Please stay healthy and respectful. And please stay at home if you have symptoms...!

Contact / Organization


Fux eG

While the old entrance at Bodenstedtstraße 16 (Hinterhof Eingang West), 22765 Hamburg (OpenStreetmap waypoint), still works, it's much better to use the new entrance on the corner of Bodenstedtstraße and Zeiseweg, AKA the new main front entrance to Fux. The Cantina, where we'll have lunch and dinner is located just on the left after you entered the building through that main entrance, and the Dock Europe seminar rooms are located in the 2nd floor on the left (west) side of the building.

The event will be hosted in the former Victoria Kaserne, now called Fux (or Frappant), which is a collective art space located in a historical monument. It is located between S-Altona and S-Holstenstraße, so there is a direct subway connection to/from the Hamburg Airport (HAM) and Altona is also a long distance train station.

There's a gigabit fibre uplink connection and wireless coverage (almost) everywhere in the venue and in the outside areas. (If needed, we can also fix locations without wireless coverage.)

Within the venue, there are three main areas we will use, plus the garden and corridors:

dock europe

map Bodenstedtstraße × Zeiseweg


entrance to Fux

dock europe is a meeting space within the venue which offers three rooms which can be combined into one big one.

dock europe also provides accommodation for some us, see further below.

CCCHH hackspace

/!\ The CCCHH hackspace is currently still closed due to Covid19. There's hope this will change until the end of May.

Just down two corridors in the same floor and building as dock europe there is the CCC Hamburg Hackspace which will be open for us on all five days and which can be used for "regular Debian hacking" or, if you find some nice CCCHH members to help you, you might also be able to use the lasercutter, 3d printer, regular printer and many other tools and devices. It's definitely also suitable for smaller ad-hoc workshops but beware, it will also somewhat be the noisy hacklab, as it will also be open to regular CCC folks when we are there.

fux und ganz

The Fux also has a cantina called "fux und ganz" which will serve us (and other visitors of the venue) with lunch and dinner. Please register to ease their planning as well!

Available rooms summary

Available beds on site

There is *no more* on-site accommodation available; Dock Europe provides 34 beds in 10 double-rooms, 2 triple-rooms and 2 quad-rooms in the venue. The rooms are nice, small, clean, have a locker, wireless and are just one floor away from our main spaces. There's also a sufficient amount of showers and toilets. Breakfast is available (for those 34 people) as well. The beds were distributed on a first come, first serve base.

Prices this year are:

Beds are available from May 22nd until and including the morning of the 30th of May.

Breakfast is from 9-11 localtime, please try to finish during these times so the cleanup can be done.

Photos here

other housing options


For other locations, and for traditional Hamburg-style food: for those who're looking for Schweinshaxe aka Eisbein aka joelho de porco aka pork's knee: about 500m from venue. Alternatively: .

For Labskaus: "a bit expensive but really good".


Filtered coffee is served for breakfast. After breakfast, there are moka pots available in both kitchens and some ground coffee you can use to brew yourself a cup or two. For alternative caffeine consumption options, the fridge in the kitchen by the Seminarraum has plenty of Club-Mate.

The Cantina serves all sorts of coffee during its opening hours. Please note that the during the lunch and dinner most of the staff are busy serving food — if you see a queue, it may be a good idea to wait a bit. Please adjust your thirst for coffee to the staff availability to help them avoid burning out 🙂

If you prefer to go out for coffee, there are plenty of coffee shops near the Altona station, some of them open as early as 7:00:

Coffee places near Altona

Nightlife, Dancing

Located in the cellar of the venue building / Victoria Kaserne there is "SLOT is a collectively operated, non-profit space for parties and concerts, debates and exhibitions – all incoming money in turn goes out to support political/cultural projects, initiatives and struggles." Excellent DJ sets, perfect for dancing. And very reasonably priced.

Debian Sprints and BoFs

This Debian Reunion is a perfect opportunity to host Debian sprints and ?BoFs.

A "sprint" in this context means several people working on a common goal for several days and these people are happy to collaborate and onboard interesting parties. BoF is another internet folklore term and means bird of a feather (session), and basically is a hacking session like a sprint, just usually happeing on one day only.

So whatever, sprint, BoF, fubar: we would welcome if teams assemble and work together on their projects. The following stuff will happen:

Cheese & Wine Party

A Cheese and Wine Party will take place in May 27th (friday) after 20:00. The exactly space will be informed during the Reunion week.

The event is very simple: bring good edible stuff from your city/country. We like cheese and wine, but we love the surprising stuff that people bring from all around the world. So, you can bring non-alcoholic drinks or a typical food that you would like to share as well. Even if you don't bring anything, feel free to participate: our priorities are our attendants and free cheese.

Day trip


If you would like to buy Debian t-shirts, I can bring them with me from Brazil.

See more details here

Be respectful

Debian event organisers are committed to providing an event where all participants feel safe. All attendees are expected to treat all people and facilities with respect and help create a welcoming environment. If you notice behaviour that fails to meet this standard, please speak up and help to keep this event as respectful as we expect it to be.

If you are harassed and requests to stop are not successful, or notice a disrespectful environment, the organisers want to help. Please contact us at We will treat your request with dignity and confidentiality, investigate, and take whatever actions appropriate. We can provide information on security, emergency services, transportation, alternative accommodations, or whatever else may be necessary. If mediation is not successful, organisers reserve the right to to take action against those who do not cease unacceptable behaviour.

See the DebConf Code of Conduct and the Debian Code of Conduct.


If you plan to attend the event you are welcome to help, just add yourself on the registration page and probably best to join #debconf-hamburg on OFTC and say so there.

Sponsors wanted

Making a Mini DebConf happen costs money, we need to rent the venue, video gear, hopefully can pay hard working volunteers lunch and dinner and maybe also sponsor some travel. So we really appreciate companies willing to support this meeting!

Please contact if you want to sponsor this event.

We have two sponsor categories:

Plus, there's corporate registration as an option too, where we will charge you 250€ for the registration. Please contact us if you are interested in that!

Open tasks

Possible tasks in future

These are not yet actionable, some might never be.

To be improved (compared to previous years)

To be improved (next year)