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|| 17:30-18:15 || Cyril Brulebois || Migration to testing and visualization || [[https://ftp.acc.umu.se/Public/debian-meetings/2019/miniconf-hamburg/testing_migration.webm|Video]], [[attachment:hamburg-cyril-brulebois-debamax--Migration-to-testing-and-visualization.pdf|Slides]] ||
|| 18:30-19:15 || Andrej Shadura || Building an entire Debian derivative from Git || [[https://ftp.acc.umu.se/Public/debian-meetings/2019/miniconf-hamburg/derivative_git.webm|Video]], [[https://shadura.me/talks/minidebconf-hamburg/2019/building-an-entire-debian-derivative-from-git/ | Slides]] ||
|| 17:30-18:15 || Cyril Brulebois || Migration to testing and visualization || [[https://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2019/miniconf-hamburg/testing_migration.webm|Video]], [[attachment:hamburg-cyril-brulebois-debamax--Migration-to-testing-and-visualization.pdf|Slides]] ||
|| 18:30-19:15 || Andrej Shadura || Building an entire Debian derivative from Git || [[https://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2019/miniconf-hamburg/derivative_git.webm|Video]], [[https://shadura.me/talks/minidebconf-hamburg/2019/building-an-entire-debian-derivative-from-git/ | Slides]] ||

miniDebConf Hamburg Logo


  • MiniDebCamp: June 5 to June 7, organized and unorganized hacking

  • MiniDebConf: June 8 to June 9, presentations and more hacking

Sponsors supporting this event

  • Civil Infrastructure Plattform sipgate

    B1 Systems neuland - Büro für Informatik GmbH credativ

  • A number of corporate registrations.

Thanks a lot for making this MiniDebConf possible!

Group Photo

miniDebConf Hamburg 2019 Group Photo

(Click through for full size. Released under the CC-BY 4.0 license)

Standup meetings at 15:00 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

During MiniDebCamp, on Wed/Thu/Fri, there will be a standup meeting ("MiniDebCamp MiniPlenary") at 15:00, lasting max. 30 minutes, in the Hacklab. Its purpose is to make short announcements of the day but mostly to tell the other participants what people are working on individually or as a team / in a sprint. This make it possible to join others, find helpers, and in general get to know what's going on.

talk schedule v1.0.1

This is the final talk schedule. Minor changes might still be possible, in which case the version number will be incremented.


Time (UTC+2)





Holger Levsen et al.

Opening Ceremony

Video, Slides


Felix Delattre

Open geographic data for humanitarian actions

Video, Slides


Iñaki Malerba and Agustin Henze

Salsa CI - Debian Pipeline for Developers

Video, Slides


Rudolph Bott and Cenk Kücük

How sipgate uses Debian and Open Source in general

Video, Slides


Lunch Break


Lukas Puehringer

Building reproducible builds into apt with in-toto

Video, Slides


Holger Levsen

Reproducible Builds - aiming for bullseye

Video, Slides


Alexander Wirt

Cool and not so well known features in Salsa

Video, Slides


Group Photo


Coffee Break


Cyril Brulebois

Migration to testing and visualization

Video, Slides


Andrej Shadura

Building an entire Debian derivative from Git

Video, Slides




Time (UTC+2)





Hilko Bengen

Packstation, a Git/Gitlab-driven workflow for internal package repositories and PPAs

Video, Slides


Dominik George / Wolfgang Schweer

Skolelinux and Debian Edu - Quo vadis?



Jan Kiszka

Demonstrating and Testing an Embedded Hypervisor with Debian

Video, Slides, Patch for live-demo crash


Christoph Berg

Challenges in herding a vast number of packages between the Debian and PostgreSQL ecosystems

Video, Slides


Lunch Break


Lightning Talks / Live Demos I



Rudolph Bott

Hacking Work



Coffee Break


Cyril Brulebois

LUKS & Full Disk Encryption

Video, Slides


Owen Synge

Why would a Python programmer learn Rust when there are no jobs in it

Video, Slides


Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana

Let's go to DebConf19 in Brazil!

Vdieo, Slides


Holger Levsen

Mini-Debconf 2020 Germany?

Video, Slides


Holger Levsen et al.

Closing Ceremony

Video, Slides






Lightning Talks and Live Demos

We will have 5-minute lightning talks and 10-minute live demos on Sunday after lunch from 3PM. Everybody is invited to give a lightning talk or live demo, e.g. on the work you've achieved during ?MiniDebCamp!

Signup for them will be on a flip chart in the main Hacklab after the opening ceremony, please note down your name, the title of your talk and whether it is a lightning talk or a live demo.

If possible, please provide us with (PDF) slides or an (HTML) URL in advance at cfp@minidebconfhamburg.debian.net as we want to minimize downtime due to projector issues. If you want or have to (probably in case of live demos) use your own notebook, please try to check in advance during a break whether it works. HDMI and other digital inputs should be fine, but VGA is usually very tricky. If you absolutely insist on using VGA, it will be your responsibility to make it work and fiddling with xrandr will count towards your time!

Video Streaming and remote participation

To follow the video streaming go to: https://debconf-video-team.pages.debian.net/docs/)--

--(For remote participation you can use IRC on irc.oftc.net by joining the channel

  • #debconf-hamburg

Sign up for video shifts at DebianEvents/de/2019/MiniDebConfHamburg/Video

Videos are published in the meetings-archive and on YouTube

Contact / Organization


  • Registration is required so we can plan and prepare properly.


Fux eG

While the old entrance at Bodenstedtstr. 16 (Hinterhof Eingang West), 22765 Hamburg (OpenStreetmap waypoint), still works, it's much better to use the new entrance on the corner of Bodenstedtstraße and Zeiseweg, AKA the new main front entrance to Fox. The Cantina, where we'll have lunch and dinner is located just on the left after you entered the building through that main entrance, and the Dock Europe seminar rooms are located in the 2nd floor on the left (west) side of the building.

The event will be hosted in the former Victoria Kaserne, now called Fux (or Frappant), which is a collective art space located in a historical monument. It is located between S-Altona and S-Holstenstraße, so there is a direct subway connection to/from the Hamburg Airport (HAM) and Altona is also a long distance train station.

There's a Gigabit-Fiber uplink connection and wireless coverage (almost) everywhere in the venue and in the outside areas. (And then, we can also fix locations without wireless coverage.)

Within the venue, there are three main areas we will use, plus the garden and corridors:

dock europe

map entrance to Fux

dock europe is a meeting space within the venue which offers three rooms which can be combined into one big one. During the Mini-DebCamp from Wednesday to Friday we will probably use the rooms in the split configuration, while on Saturday and Sunday it will be one big room hosting presentations and such stuff. There are also two small rooms we can use as small hacklabs for 4-6 people.

dock europe also provides accomodation for some us, see further below.

CCCHH hackspace

/!\ The CCCHH hackspace is being renovated atm and will most likely not be usable during the Mini-DebConf. You might be able to help renovating though ;)

Just down two corridors in the same floor and building as dock europe there is the CCC Hamburg Hackspace which will be open for us on all five days and which can be used for "regular Debian hacking" or, if you find some nice CCCHH members to help you, you might also be able to use the lasercutter, 3d printer, regular printer and many other tools and devices. It's definitly also suitable for smaller ad-hoc workshops but beware, it will also somewhat be the noisy hacklab, as it will also be open to regular CCC folks when we are there.

fux und ganz

The Fux also has a cantina called "fux und ganz" which will serve us (and other visitors of the venue) with lunch and dinner. Please register to ease their planning as well!

Cantina will serve us food at these times:

  • lunch: 1200-1430 (wed-fri)
  • lunch: 1230-1430 (sat)
  • lunch on Sunday: *not at cantina* (to be announced)
  • dinner: 1800-2142 (wed-sat)
  • dinner on Sunday: *not at cantina* (to be announced)

Available rooms summary

  • all 5 days:
    • seminar rooms of dock europe - used as hacklab for the MiniDebCamp and for talks during the conference

    • CCC Hamburg Hackerspace (German page) - used during Conf for hacking, not sure if needed during Camp

    • the big room with the blue roof - lots of space and wireless
  • friday to sunday only:
    • "besprechungszimmer" next to dock europe office
    • kitchen-backroom next to dock europe (shared with regular users of the kitchen)
    • another bigger hacklab in the catacombs

Available beds on site

There is also limited on-site accomodation available, dock europe provides 34 beds in 10 double-rooms, 2 triple-rooms and 2 quad-rooms in the venue. The rooms are nice, small, clean, have a locker, wireless and are just one floor away from our main spaces. There's also a sufficient amount of showers and toilets and breakfast (for 5e per day) is available (for those 34 people) as well. The beds will be distributed from two buckets on a first come, first serve base:

  • 22 beds for anyone, first come, first serve, costs 27e/night.
  • 12 beds for video team, frontdesk desk, talk meisters, etc, also by first come, first served and somebody decides, whether you qualify indeed. Those also costs 27e/night.

Please note that there is an additional one-time fee of 6e for linen and towels.

Please send mail to holger@d.o if you are interested in this offer.

other housing options

  • Meininger is near by

  • Stadthaushotel in Holstenstrasse is close too
  • the "ICE Hotel" or the "Hotel Central" in Präsident-Krahn-Straße are close as well
  • the Ghotel at corner Kaltenkirchener Platz / Stresemannstraße is also close http://www.ghotel.de/ suggest this hotel has closed

  • Youth hostel at Landungsbruecken, 3 subway stations away


  • sponsored food for pre-registered attendees. (There's a nice cantina on site, we just need to find ways not to DoS them… AIUI we should eat lunch from 13h30, not 12h00 when the cantina officially opens)
  • in the on-site accomodation kitchen there's breakfast every day from 9 to 10.
  • Cantina will serve us food at these times:

    • lunch: 1200-1430 (wed-fri)
    • lunch: 1230-1430 (sat)
    • lunch on Sunday: *not at cantina* (to be announced)
    • dinner: 1800-2142 (wed-sat)
    • dinner on Sunday: *not at cantina* (to be announced)


Debian Sprints

The MiniDebcamp from Wednesday to Friday is a perfect opportunity to host Debian sprints. We would welcome if teams assemble and work together on their projects. The following sprints will happen:

Standup meetings

During MiniDebCamp, on Wed/Thu/Fri, there will be a standup meeting ("MiniDebCamp MiniPlenary") at 15:00, lasting max. 30 minutes, in the Hacklab. Its purpose is to make short announcements of the day but mostly to tell the other participants what people are working on individually or as a team / in a sprint. This make it possible to join others, find helpers, and in general get to know what's going on.


For those in need of a visa invitation letter to get a visa, send a request to visa@minidebconfhamburg.debian.net. An invitation letter does not include travel cost reimbursement. If you can not cover the travel costs yourself, mail at the above mail address and we'll try our best to get it covered somehow.

Sponsors wanted

Making a Mini DebConf happen costs money, we need to rent the venue, video gear, hopefully can pay hard working volunteers lunch and dinner and maybe also sponsor some travel. So we really appreciate companies willing to support this meeting!

We have three sponsor categories:

  • >1000€ = sponsor

    • listed as such in all material
    • can place up to a A3 poster of their company
    • put A4 leaflets on a common table
    • logo featured on the t-shirts
  • >2500€ = gold sponsor

    • listed as such in all material
    • can put up a roll-up of their company somewhere in the conference area
    • logo featured prominently on the t-shirts
    • logo featured in the videos
  • >5000€ = platinum sponsor

    • listed as such prominently in all material
    • can put up a roll-up of their company next to the speaker
    • logo featured very prominently on the t-shirts
    • logo featured prominently in the videos

Plus, there's corporate registration as an option too, where we will charge you 250€ for the registration. Please contact us if you are interested in that!


If you plan to attend the event you are welcome to help, just add a comment to yourself at Registration and probably best to join #debconf-hamburg on OFTC and say so there.

IRC meetings for planning

To plan the Mini-DebConf we have regular meetings on on IRC on irc.oftc.net in the channel

  • #debconf-hamburg

Check the /topic to learn about the next meeting

Open tasks

  • [x] public announcement!!1
    • [x] start registration wikipage
    • [x] ask for help from publicity team
    • [x] ask videoteam for help
  • [x] find date for 2nd IRC meeting and announce that
  • [x] update logo for 2019
  • [x] print shirts by may 1st or may 10th
  • [x] pick up shirts
  • [x] put logos for existing sponsors on this page
  • [x] send out call for sponsors
  • [x] make visa@ work or drop/reword that information
  • [x] make cost estimate
  • [x] form content team
  • [x] announcement/CfP on d-d-a
  • [x] approach prospective sponsors from our list
  • [x] form frontdesk team and location at the venue
  • [x] contact bureau@france.debian.net (Debian.fr) for money handling

  • [x] ask sponsors to pay to debian.fr - requires creating an RT ticket (see <20190508105651.f5mg6aiofcyfjuyx@werner.olasd.eu>)

  • [x] create+send invoices for corporate registrations
  • [x] buy badges (probably not needed, h01ger still has stuff from last year)
  • [x] print badges: name, food yes/no
  • [x] may 30th: infomail to unconfirmed attendees
    • ask them whether they'll attend or not
  • [x] may 30th: infomail to all attendees (unconfirmed or not)
  • [x] extra mail for people who stay on site (see local notes)
  • [x] send bed/room usage plan (as spreadsheet) to D-E
  • [x] send addresses for invoices to D-E (for beds)
  • [x] standup meetings on wed/thu/fri after lunch. gregoa will prepare something
  • [x] schedule webpage?
    • [x] inform björn about schedule once we have it (h01ger)
    • [x] inform ccchh about schedule once we have it (h01ger)
  • [x] inform cantina about expected numbers of people each day
  • [x] share cantina food times:
  • [x] lunch for sunday, pizzas. need to be ordered on saturday.
  • [x] for dinner on sunday h01ger has reserved 20 seats in 'Blaue Blume' at 2100.
  • [x] do 2019 budget
  • [ ] finish 2018 budget, really
  • [ ] finish 2019 budget, properly
  • [x] compare 2018 food estimate with reality
  • [ ] Debian.fr: confirm all 5 sponsors have paid
  • [ ] Debian.fr: confirm all 4 corp. registrations were paid
  • [ ] Debian.fr: confirm t-shirt invoice was paid by us
  • [ ] Debian.fr: confirm 4 people accomodation invoice was paid by us
  • [ ] Debian.fr: confirm cantina invoice has been paid
  • [ ] Debian.fr: confirm dock europe invoice has been paid
  • [ ] Debian.fr: confirm h01ger has been reimbursed for minidc19 costs
  • [ ] Debian.fr: confirm h01ger has been reimbursed for dc19 stuff
  • [x] h01ger needs to reclaim 380€ he borrowed to dc19 for buying hw in .de
  • [x] h01ger needs to reclaim 394€ he gave back to Bluehorn who ordered Saturdays pizzas
  • [x] h01ger needs to reclaim 354.10€ he paid for dinners on Sunday
  • [x] h01ger needs to reclaim 12.04€ he paid for pouches to send t-shirts to sponsors, and 8.64€ for shipping and 33.36€ for gaffer and batteries for video team
  • [x] h01ger needs to give cash to Dock Europe for people who paid accomodation with cash
  • [x] send videoteam boxes with DHL
  • [x] send tshirts to sponsors
  • [x] give back some cables to Dezent
  • [x] give back vga display to fux office

To be improved

  • bigger hacklab (2/3 hacklab, 1/3 talks? 3/3 hacklab and talks elsewhere)
  • fux was locked both Saturday and Sunday morning early
  • the font on the nametags was too small.
  • 3 weeks before the event we had 60 registrations and thus ordered 100 tshirts. in the end we had 70 reservations and needed 12 shirts for cantina. 5 for dock europe, 5 for sponsors (which would have been too few if some sponsors werent also attendees), 4 extra for remote videoteam people, which was not really enough: while we had 3 small female shirts as leftovers, there were not enough shirts (in the right sizes) for remote videoteam people :/ Bottom line: 115-120 shirts would have been better for this size.
    • Also, every men's size larger than M was "sold out" pretty quickly on Saturday (XL faster than L) already I think, so skew distribution towards larger sizes.
  • day trip would be nice
  • Debian party in SLOT?
  • someone else doing the budget / paying costs / asking for invoices, forwarding them / getting reimbursed
  • someone else handing out dock europe keys
  • increase percentage of shoeless people. 10% is a good start!

Be respectful

Debian event organisers are committed to providing an event where all participants feel safe. All attendees are expected to treat all people and facilities with respect and help create a welcoming environment. If you notice behaviour that fails to meet this standard, please speak up and help to keep this event as respectful as we expect it to be.

If you are harassed and requests to stop are not successful, or notice a disrespectful environment, the organisers want to help. Please contact us at antiharassment@debian.org. We will treat your request with dignity and confidentiality, investigate, and take whatever actions appropriate. We can provide information on security, emergency services, transportation, alternative accommodations, or whatever else may be necessary. If mediation is not successful, organisers reserve the right to to take action against those who do not cease unacceptable behaviour.

See the DebConf Code of Conduct and the Debian Code of Conduct.

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