We will have a Debian Booth at CLT 2017. The Chemnitzer LinuxTage 2017 take place from Saturday March 11th to Sunday March 12th 2016 in the "Zentrales Hörsaal- und Seminar-Gebäude" of the Technical University Chemnitz. Hints for maintaining a booth at CLT 2017 can be found here.


If you plan to attend the event you are welcome to help at the booth, just add yourself to the table below and get in touch with JanDittberner for coordination and have a look into the mail thread on debian-events-eu.

open tasks:

Booth presence


preferred days/time





Fri - Sun

available late for setup on Friday

booked at Seaside Residenz Hotel

Axel Beckert

Sat - Sun

Submitted a workshop on Tor Hidden Services

booked at Seaside Residenz Hotel


Sat early afternoon - Sun, _maybe_ arriving Fri then Sat from the beginning

booked at Seaside Residenz Hotel


Sa - Sun

Fri - Sun

Fri - Sun


Who can bring hardware to Chemnitz and what?

Booth Infrastructure

Merchandising Stuff

Preliminary Booth Schedule

Legend: + = will be there, - = won't be there, ? = unsure, / = will be there partially, blank = unknown, bold = booth responsible