If you plan to attend the event you are welcome to help at the booth, just add yourself to the table below and get in touch with Christian Körner for coordination and have a look debian-events-eu mailinglist

In the past years debian shared a big booth together with siduction and Kanotix. If there are no objections, I will organize things in the same way as before. Someone still has to apply for the booth for debian. <devil> Ferdinand Thommes

Open tasks


Due to a new organization structure tickets are limited to 2 free exhibitor passes per booth. Additional exhibitor tickets need to be purchased, there are no additional free tickets this year. At the moment the 2 free tickets are assigned to Y Plentyn and Christian Körner.

Additional exhibitor passes can be purchased for EUR 50, are valid for all 3 days and include catering. Deadline for additional passes is April 25th. Alternativ is to share the exhibitor passes but this should be communicated in advance as well, so please let me know if you would like to help with the booth part time and we work something out.

Saturday only tickets are EUR 10, as that day is a community day and tickets include catering as well.

The evening program is free, so there's no entrance fee for all talks between 18:00 and 22:00 on Thursday and Friday.

On a side note: Free tickets can be obtained by participating in the linuxtag event. e.g moderation of talks, helper, etc. If you are interested please contact the Linuxtag e.V.

Booth presence


preferred days/time


Contact details



Christian Körner

8.-9. / any time

ck at ps-xaf dot de



Y Plentyn


70%, needs ticket if attending


can provide

Rene Engelhard

most probably only the 10.

rene at d.o


can provide

Mika Pflüger

any time

mika at


can provide


Who can bring hardware to Linuxtag 2014 and what?

Booth Infrastructure

Merchandising Stuff

All the merchandise items (t-shirt, mug, stickers, etc.) and who will bring them?

Booth Schedule

Legend: + = will be there, - = won't be there, ? = unsure, / = will be there partially, blank = unknown, bold = booth responsible


Please add links to reports, blog posts, photos etc about the event here:

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