Debian Participation at FrOSCamp, Zürich

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preferred days/time


Axel Beckert

Will be there Friday and Saturday, but a) will have to leave on Saturday for at least a few hours due to being invited to a wedding on Saturday and b) will probably have to do the local LUG + Hackerfunk booth anyway

Couches are booked up already


Will be there on Fri and Sat, but might have to work remotely on Fri


Will be there Friday and Saturday, but I'm also giving two talks (Friday, 14:00 and Saturday, 17:00) and will also staff the collectd booth

backup contact


available on both days


available on both days

Thomas Koch

only friday

Luca Capello

only Friday morning (I will arrive from Genève at around 09:45 and leave before 12:00)

I will bring merchandise

Karl-Heinz Geyer