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||[[EvgeniGolov|Evgeni Golov]]||24.-27.?||not sure yet, have to talk with my employer||
||Joachim Reichel (reichel at d o)||27.06.||plus one more day (if desired) (need ticket)||

Debian Booth at the Linuxtag 2009 in Berlin

  • 24.-27th June 2009
  • Berlin


Booth Staff

  • formorer




Nico Golde


Maybe other days as well, not sure yet (need ticket)

Bastian Venthur (venthur at d o)


Maybe also on other days (need ticket)

Jan Hauke Rahm

24., 26., 27.

noch nicht 100%, sieht aber gut aus (need ticket)

Arne Wichmann


24. is not completely fixed yet (need ticket)

Franziska Lichtblau

26., 27.

maybe 25. afternoon as well (need ticket)

Ladislav Bodnar

24., 26.

Sebastian Rose

24 - 27.6.

(need ticket)

Wolf Wiegand

25. - 26.6.

(probably need a ticket)

Patrick Matthäi

24. - 26.

(need ticket and currently unsure because of traveling issues)

Leo 'costela' Antunes

24. - 27.

95%, barring work issues to be cleared this week (need ticket?)

Felix Paetow


Ich bin dabei!

Markus Schnalke (meillo)


search for travel from Ulm (need ticket)

Evgeni Golov


not sure yet, have to talk with my employer

Joachim Reichel (reichel at d o)


plus one more day (if desired) (need ticket)


  • We'll have a booth together with the sidux Team
  • There will be a meeting between some Debian folks and some sidux folks to clear out
    • some misunderstandings between both distributions


  • CDs?/DVDs? (any sponsors out there?)
  • Merchandising (Coordination with Kernelconcepts)
  • Hardware

Logistic Questions

  • How many participants are needed/wanted in the booth? (after the d-d-a post, there seems to have been a surge in number of volunteers) -- LeoAntunes 2009-05-26 10:54:40

    • -> There is no upper limit - if we have enough people we can do short shifts and have some people for backup. Having at least 5-6 persons a day would be great. -- ?formorer 2009-05-26 10:58:08