Systems2008 takes place from Tuesday 21st October to Friday, 24th October at the Neue Messe Munich. Organization takes place on this wiki page and on the list.

Debian will have a booth again, the "Perspektive Open Source" area is organized by LinuxTag this year.

Booth Schedule

Our Booth is B2.315. Systems is open for visitors from 9:00-18:00 h and accessible for people with the exhibitor pass from 7:30-19:00 h.




























in paar Grundregeln, die eigentlich jeder weiß, aber in der Hitze des Gefechts schonmal vergessen werden:

2006 howto by ?AndreasBarth:

Booth Staff

Current planning includes 1-2 people at the booth, possible one in the morning, another person reinforcing over lunch, and one in the afternoon, thus 3 shifts and at least two people per day. Systems is 4 days, so we have 12 shifts (semi-days) to fill. If we assume everybody will do two shifts or more, we need at least 6 people.

The following people are volunteering to staff the booth (numbers of shifts and preferred days/times subject to change):



preferred days/times


phone number


2 to 3 days



2 days

not Friday




1 to 2 days


2 shifts

Tue/Thu starting at 15:00

Arne and Franziska will preferably take shifts together

Please add yourself and the amount of shifts (semi-days) you probably will have time if you want to help, or contact

Booth Layout

Similar to last year, i.e. an infopoint for one poster and a notebook/desktop, see this image.

Booth Hardware

Same machine as last year with a TFT brought by MichaelBanck.

The hardware should get locked into the locker room (behind the Ubuntu booth) over night. This is a picture of the TFT in order to identify it in the locker room. The computer is a black-cased "Transtec" desktop; the front plate easily falls off and the whole case is only fixed by a screw at the back, so watch out.

The on-board network controller does not work, use the PCI ethernet card!

The system is dual-booting lenny and etch; the default is lenny and seems to work fine.

Account name is "debian", password is "debian"; the debian user has sudo access, the root password is "debian" as well.

virtualbox-ose is installed on lenny, but does not work due to 500702 and needs a rebuild of the modules with module-assistant, if somebody is so inclined to.

The network is static; IP addresses are assigned; we got .81 I think, both installation should have the correct /etc/network/interfaces.

What to show:

The following needs to be done by somebody:

Booth personell can also bring their own notebook (only one will fit though), but in this case should create a default user and show the default Debian desktop as well usually.

Booth Decoration

Possible stuff:

Name Plates

Booth staff should have name plates. Usually, it is easy to gather plastic name plate bags with some sponsor's keychain. Name tags have been printed and cut by MichaelBanck.


To be determined.


Please make ticks for all the merchandise you sell on the tick list.


We three exhibitor passes, which are transferable.

Booth staff who get free tickets through other means (e.g. as promotion from computer magazines or through their university or employer) should use them if possible.

Otherwise, boot staff people can obtain a ticket ID here, which can be used to get a ticket vouchre here.

For questions, ask

Related Booths


We will probably have a meeting somewhere in the city center on Thursday, see LocalGroups/DebianMuc


MichaelBanck wrote a small report on his blog.