Talks wanted (CfP)

The main goal of a MiniDebConf, besides the social «get together», is to exchange knowledge, experience, best practices, etc.

So please contribute to the MiniDebConf by proposing a talk, workshop, birds of feather (BoF) session, etc. To submit your proposition, add it into the table below.

Topic Suggestions

This list is not exhaustive, and anything not listed here is welcome, as long as it's somehow related to Debian or Free Software in general. If in doubt, propose a talk and we'll give feedback.

We will have talks on Friday late afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning, the exact slots are yet to be determined. There also will be a slot for lightning (🗲) talks or demos of either 5min or 10min.

We expect submissions and talks to be held in English, as this is the working language in Debian and at this event. Normal talks are either 25 or 45 minutes (plus questions), birds of feather sessions and workshops may also take longer.







Comment / Slides / Link

Keyboards with Free Firmware



Axel Beckert


Overview over the topic; keywords: Hardware, QMK, TMK




Axel Beckert


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🗲, Talk, BoF or WS

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If you have other event ideas which do not fit into this schema, or questions, please contact us on (a publicly archived list).


We'll later move talks from this wiki page into the yet to be written schedule wiki page.