Participants are expected to behave in accordance with both the Debian Code of Conduct and the DebConf Code of Conduct . If you are harassed and requests to stop are not successful, or notice a disrespectful environment please contact The Debian Community Team will treat your request with dignity and confidentiality, investigate, and take whatever actions appropriate.

Please take your time to read the FOSDEM Code of Conduct.

COVID-19: If you're feeling ill we ask you to please not to participate at the booth, nor at FOSDEM. The FOSDEM orga writes about COVID-19 at, and offers some links to official policy of the Belgian government there too.

The Debian booth will be in building H, together with the other distribution's stands (see to be sure). (NB: before COVID, we've generally been located in K, we've been in H in the early 2000's (if memory serves us right).) During FOSDEM, the stands team and the building coordinators can be reached via the H or K infodesk.

Before the conference begins on Saturday, we will have time to set up our stand. FOSDEM orga tells us: "We ask that you start around 8:30 with building up your stand and finish around 10:00 so all stands are ready by the time our visitors arrive. [...] You must vacate the building by 19:00 on Saturday. Buildings are closed during the night, but not guarded. You can store your valuable items in the cloak room during the night (after 18:00); but you should take your items out before 8."

On Sunday, building likely opens for stand holders at 8:30; talks start at 9:00.

"[On sunday] the clean-up starts when the devrooms close, usually around 17:00. By 17:30, everything should be packed up so we can clean and close the buildings. All items you brought, you should take back. So all posters, stickers, banners etc. that you used to decorate your stand, or did not hand out to visitors, you should take with you or throw in the trash. You would make the clean-up volunteers very happy if you take the time to gently sweep the surroundings of your stand."


If you plan to attend the event you are welcome to help at the booth, just add yourself to the table below and get in touch with joostvb and/or stappers for coordination by posting to debian-events-eu@l.d.o (see above). Have a look at the announcement mail.

Open tasks

Booth presence


preferred days/time




Geert Stappers

Sat morning & Sun aft.noon

Booked a Hotel

Thomas Lange

no preferences yet

Booked a Hotel

Paulo Santana

Sat morning & aft.noon

I will bring t-shirts to sell

Translations devroom organizer

Booked a Hotel

Joost van Baal-Ilić

one day, dunno yet which

will stay two nights (fri - sun)


Sat morning'aft.noon + Sun morning






Debian France (zordhak and valde) will bring hoodies, tee-shirts, RBF and BIC-pens.

Booth Schedule

Legend: + = will be there, - = won't be there, ? = unsure, / = will be there partially, blank = unknown, bold = booth responsible


Please add links to reports, blog posts, photos etc about the event here: