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 * Main coordinator: <mail address of Debian coordinator for the event>  * Main coordinator: joostvb@d.o , stappers@d.o
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 * [ ] announcement mail
 * [v] apply for a booth at [[https://stands.fosdem.org/submission/]] , see https://pad.weho.st/p/debianboothfosdem
 * [v] announcement mail
 * [v] apply for a booth at [[https://stands.fosdem.org/submission/]]
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 * [ ] add booth layout and map to wiki
* [ ] find volunteers for the booth, send mail like previous one: [[https://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/20200106025041.GN24140@beskar.mdcc.cx]]
 * [ ] register additional people, which hopefully join the booth
 * [ ] organize decoration / table cloth
 * we need info ma
   * [ ] flyers
 * [ ] find volunteers for the booth: WIP, see [[ https://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/20210115073737.GA14801@beskar.mdcc.cx ]]
 * [ ] register additional people, which hopefully join the team
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we use https://pad.weho.st/p/debianboothfosdem for coordination


FOSDEM coordinates stands at https://stands.fosdem.org/


If you plan to attend the event you are welcome to help at the booth, just add yourself to the table below and get in touch with <event coordinator> for coordination and have a look to <announcement mail>.

Open tasks

See https://lists.fosdem.org/pipermail/fosdem/2020q4/003167.html for information about what a virtual stand would be.

we use https://pad.weho.st/p/debianboothfosdem for coordination

at dec 19, fosdem orga wrote us: "We hope to announce the list of accepted stands by 2021-01-01, but, depending on the volume, this deadline might be missed."

https://peertube.debian.social/videos/watch/87ec9013-2b9d-49cd-9829-767e23d4025e might be interesting as an introductory video on what is debian

https://peertube.debian.social/videos/watch/193a8d9d-40f2-4a50-8dac-47898847a9ba is the other one.


And there's also https://blog.einval.com/2020/01/30#Lincoln2020 : steve's talk from about a year ago; slides only, no video

Booth presence


preferred days/time









joostvb and stappers have volunteered to make this happen. urbec is lending a hand. TODO: find more volunteers.

Booth Schedule

Legend: + = will be there, - = won't be there, ? = unsure, / = will be there partially, blank = unknown, bold = booth responsible

  • Who









Please add links to reports, blog posts, photos etc about the event here: