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|| Vipul A || Sunday || - || - || Hotel ||


Please take your time to read the Code of Conduct (https://fosdem.org/2020/practical/conduct/).

The Debian booth will be, like previous years, at K level 1 (group A), probably near CentOS, Gentoo and FreeBSD (see https://fosdem.org/2020/stands/ ). During FOSDEM, the stands team and the building coordinators can be reached via the H or K infodesk.

Before the conference begins on Saturday, we will have time to set up our stand. FOSDEM orga tells us: "We ask that you start around 8:30 with building up your stand and finish around 10:00 so all stands are ready by the time our visitors arrive. You must vacate the building by 19:00 on Saturday. On Sunday, building opens for stand holders at 8:30; talks start at 9:00. The clean-up starts when the devrooms close, usually around 17:00. By 17:30, everything should be packed up so we can clean and close the buildings."


If you plan to attend the event you are welcome to help at the booth, just add yourself to the table below and get in touch with <event coordinator> for coordination by posting to debian-events-eu@l.d.o (see above).

Open tasks

  • [ ] announcement mail
  • [ ] apply for a booth
  • [ ] create a poster or other promoting material
  • [ ] add booth layout and map to wiki
  • [ ] find volunteers for the booth - https://framadate.org/fosdem-2020

  • [ ] register additional people, which hopefully join the booth
  • [ ] organize decoration / table cloth
  • we need info material!!
    • [ ] flyers
  • [ ] update DebianEvents

peb / zordhak / debian france will bring some swag. webmind will likely produce some tshirts/hoodies, and will likely not be physically present.

Booth presence


preferred days/time




Alban Vidal (zordhak)

Saturday / Sunday after PM

With Debian France goodies


personally managed

Vipul A





please use https://framadate.org/fosdem-2020


Please add links to reports, blog posts, photos etc about the event here: