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== Booth Staff ==
 1. [[JoostvanBaal|Joost van Baal-Ilić]] (both saturday and sunday, not available during KSP)
 2. Jelena van Baal-Ilić
 3. (add your name here)

Merchandising Stuff

  • Tshirts: Some T-shirts will be available - as many as the DebianUK people can carry.
  • Debian Playing Cards
    • NeilWilliams will bring 40 or more packs of playing cards with the red Debian swirl on the back and the faces of 54 Debian people on the front, with names. Images were collated at DebConf11, BanjaLuka and at some subsequent UK events. Packs will be €10 each. Those who have pre-ordered packs for collection at FOSDEM will be able to collect from NeilWilliams directly.

Booth Staff

  1. Joost van Baal-Ilić (both saturday and sunday, not available during KSP)

  2. Jelena van Baal-Ilić
  3. (add your name here)