See also: [:DebianEeePC/Bugs].

Items on this list are divided into Short/Mid/Long term goals and are flagged with one of six priority/importance tag pairs: Easy/Urgent, Easy/Important, Easy/Wishlist, Hard/Urgent, Hard/Important, Hard/Wishlist. Anything Easy is thought to only involve a short time to fix (anywhere from a few minutes to an hour) and has an obvious solution. Everything else is Hard. Urgent items should be done right away, Important items should be done, but not necessarily right away and Wishlist items would be nice to do eventually but the world won't end if they aren't done. Please link to Debian bug#s that are relevant to each. Also you may wish to indicate briefly by a given task that you're working on it and what you're doing. More complex tasks that need further explanation should have their own subpage under this one, but don't let that be a substitute for keeping bug reports up to date.

Make ACPI work natively in Debian

Improve installer for Eee


Project management