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    * based on: ["DebianCustomCD"]     * based on: ["DebianInstaller/Modify/CustomKernel"]
  • Make ACPI work natively in Debian
    • Short term: using eeepc-acpi-source package
      • File patches against appropriate packages (e.g. acpi-support) to make all laptop buttons, battery, suspend, etc. work
      • Rebuild custom installer to include eeepc-acpi module and patched acpi-support
    • Long term: Help Asus merge ACPI upstream
      • asus-acpi (and therefore eeepc-acpi which is a fork) are deprecated; work with the asus-laptop maintainer to merge patches for the Eee
  • Improve installer for Eee
    • Short term: using custom d-i installer
      • Post instructions in wiki for rebuilding d-i installer for the Eee
        • based on: ["DebianInstaller/Modify/CustomKernel"]
      • Ensure atl2 is included in installer image (current image includes it in the installer but not in the target system due to a bug in the d-i config)
      • Incorporate steps documented in ["../HowTo/Install"]
        • Wireless
        • Camera
        • ACPI (hotkeys)
        • Misc. conf fixes, workarounds
          • won't shutdown
          • silence hdd errors
    • Long term: ensure kernel & related packages support Eee natively so that standard d-i installer supports Eee without modification