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  * This is the only viable solution for support in Debian proper as ath5k is DFSG free whereas madwifi is not nor will it ever be.
  * We need someone to look into this. Is anyone working on this? Is there an upstream bug#? Does anyone have the expertise to help add support themselves?
  * Nick Kossifidis is working on this. For patches, see: http://kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/mickflemm
  * '''Hard/Important:''' Support the Eee wireless chipset in ath5k
   * This is the only viable solution for support in Debian proper as ath5k is DFSG free whereas madwifi is not nor will it ever be. See [:DebianEeePC/FreeYourEee] for details.


See also: [:DebianEeePC/Bugs].

  • Projects have their own heading and tasks are listed as points beneath each project.
  • Items on this list are divided into Short/Mid/Long term goals and actionable items are flagged with one of six priority/importance tag pairs: Easy/Urgent, Easy/Important, Easy/Wishlist, Hard/Urgent, Hard/Important, Hard/Wishlist.

    • Anything Easy is thought to only involve a short time to fix (anywhere from a few minutes to an hour) and has an obvious solution.

    • Everything else is Hard.

    • Urgent items should be done right away.

    • Important items should be done, but not necessarily right away.

    • Wishlist items would be nice to do eventually but the world won't end if they aren't done.

  • Please link to Debian bug#s that are relevant to each.
  • Indicate briefly in a subpoint under a given task that you're working on it and what you're doing.
  • More complex tasks that need further explanation should have their own subpage under this one, but don't let that be a substitute for keeping bug reports up to date.
  • Please express any dependencies between tasks using anchors and links.

Make ACPI work natively in Debian

  • Short term: using eeepc-acpi-scripts package
    • This has been packaged and uploaded is in NEW
    • Hard/Urgent: Rebuild custom installer to include eeepc-acpi module and eeepc-acpi-scripts package

    • Hard/Wishlist: use s2ram from uswsusp for suspend

  • Long term: Help Asus merge ACPI upstream
    • asus-acpi (and therefore eeepc-acpi which is a fork) are deprecated; work with the asus-laptop maintainer to merge patches for the Eee

Improve installer for Eee

  • Short term: ?Anchor(custom_d-i) make custom d-i installer

    • Hard/Important: No accessibility support included

      • The small monolithic image we produce does not include brltty, etc. We need to produce a larger image including this material to allow unassisted installs on the Eee.
    • Hard/Wishlist: No install over wireless possible

    • Incorporate steps documented in ["../HowTo/Install"]
      • Wireless
      • Camera
      • ACPI (hotkeys)
      • Misc. conf fixes, workarounds
        • won't shutdown
        • silence hdd errors
  • Long term: ?Anchor(native_d-i) support Eee in d-i natively

    • ensure kernel & related packages support Eee natively so that standard d-i installer supports Eee without modification)

  • Long term: make a combination live image / installer image
    • Use debian-live
    • This will allow users to try out Debian before installing.
    • Needs either [#custom_d-i custom d-i installer] or [#native_d-i native d-i installer] to be stable first.


  • Short term: fork madwifi package and make available in an unofficial Debian repository
    • Hard/Important: ?Anchor(package_madwifi_source)Replace the repacked image linked from the install howto with a properly packaged and versioned one built from source.

      • Rename madwifi-source to madwifi-eeepc-source, as this is a fork. Any other solution would break upgrades or would not work with 'm-a a-i' which always fetches the latest source, superceding our patched version.
  • Mid term: assist with or at least track progress of madwifi merging the support for the Eee's chipset upstream
  • Long term: ath5k
    • Hard/Important: Support the Eee wireless chipset in ath5k

      • This is the only viable solution for support in Debian proper as ath5k is DFSG free whereas madwifi is not nor will it ever be. See [:DebianEeePC/FreeYourEee] for details.

Project management

  • Make regular passes through all wiki pages to keep up to date (don't be afraid to prune out outdated/redundant material ... the wiki revision system keeps old copies)
  • Check forum.eeeuser.com, wiki.eeeuser.com, etc. to glean from the collected wisdom of the broader Eee community things that will help us
  • Use our git repository for group maintained packages.
  • Easy/Important: Change atl2 to group-maintained on next upload.


  • Hard/Wishlist: Find a sane solution for OSD display

  • Keep changes in this package to a minimum and rely as much as possible on existing solutions in Debian. That is, the Eee is no different from other laptops in its need for the things the package provides, so custom Eee solutions should only be made to accomodate for the differences between the Eee hardware and other hardware. Also, upstream solutions are better and preferred over changes made here. So where possible, file bugs upstream (kernel & modules such as the asus-laptop module).