Iceweasel configurations and settings for the best use of a small screen.

The default Iceweasel rendition is a bit big and clumsy for the neat little screen of the eeepc range (and others) so here are some tips to get your browser to make the best use of the screen, and still be as useful as ever.


 >View>Status Bar  - unchecked it to save space at the bottom.

 >View>Sidebars  - both unchecked.

Now to reduce the top to a single toolbar with all important functions in it. In  >View>Toolbars>Customise>  - Drag the X (stop) icon up to the very top bar - the menu bar - to the right of the "Help" button. Now drag the url-address window up to the right of that. Drag everything else into the "Customize Toolbar" window as they are not needed. At the bottom of that window check "Use Small Icons" and Show icons (only).


 >View>Toolbars  - uncheck all.

Right-click the top window bar (where is says the "webpage title - Iceweasel") and select Undecorate.


There are other things that can be done, but due to licensing issues we can not suggest them other than to say you should check through the available add-ons.

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