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Installation of software packages

To install/uninstall software on the EeePC use one of the Debian tools for package management like Synaptic as graphical front end or Aptitude as a text front end.

You have to be root (or use sudo) to be able to install/uninstall packages.

Software suited for the Eee PC

While in Debian there are thousands of packages a user could choose to install, some software is better suited for the Eee PC Model 701 given the constraints of the system, notably the small display size of 800x480, limited processor speed and storage. So we list here some software users have found particularly well suited to the Eee. For a broader overview of available Debian software, here are a few links:

Be aware that packages normally depend on some libraries and other files which will be installed at the same time as the requested package. What exactly is installed will vary according to what you have already got, because some libraries are shared.


The following pages give software suggestions for different tasks:

Means to save disk space

Other than selecting software without bloat there are some other means to regain disk space. See Tips and Tricks Remove unused locales and Clean up obsolete downloaded package file.

When you install software all the dependencies are installed first. If you try out software and remove it later, the dependencies might be obsolete but still eat your precious disk space. The deborphan program can help you finding them. If you use Aptitude as package manager it will automagically take care of that and remove unused, automatically installed software dependencies. (FixMe: I donĀ“t know about Synaptic. Please fill in if you know it). If you use Synaptic, look "custom filters". There you have or you can make filter "orphaned". And there you can see these unused packages and delete them.