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Asus EEE PC 900

This page is intented to be a central repository of information regarding Debian on this specific model

Fixable items

Mute does not work

See ../../HowTo/Sound for help upgrading Alsa to a more recent version (confirmed to work with 1.0.18a and 1.0.19) or ../../HowTo/Upgrade to upgrade to a newer kernel (2.6.29 or later are confirmed to work) which contains a more recent Alsa. This will make mute work.

Broken things


See DebianEeePC/HowTo/ElantechTouchpad.


FixMe: not 900-specific. belongs elsewhere.

GNOME Power Manager will complain that the battery has only 1% capacity. AFAIK, this is an ACPI driver bug, which returns "bizarre" values. You should not bother about it, since the value is wrong. My EEE PC 900 lasts 3:15 battery life.

GNOME Power Manager won't warn or shutdown when the battery runs out. It might be related to the buggy driver, however, there might be a way to tweak the configuration in order to make it work. Still needs more research.


FixMe: probably belongs on HowTo/Sound instead. Also we recommend later than 1.0.17. Is this still a problem with 1.0.18a or 1.0.19?

The sound driver (ALSA 1.0.17, as described above) exhibits some sound glitches when the system is under moderate load. For example, simply switching the workplace at GNOME will make the sound break for a couple of miliseconds. One major problem of this, is HAL, which will spend high peaks of CPU from time to time (a couple of seconds) and every time that happens, a small sound glitch can he heard. It was also reported that if you use CPU scaling, at low frequencies, it will make the sound to break also. Sometimes such glitches will lead the sound with that "robotic effect", which can only be restored, by pausing / resuming sound playback (mplayer specific). (Maybe buffering helps here?)