The model 701 (listed in Asus literature as the model 4G) and related models (2G surf, 4G surf, and 8G) are the oldest models, and therefore most of this wiki was written with them in mind. Exceptions for newer models are noted in each page where appropriate.

When Lenny released, the Atheros AR2425 wifi b/g chipset in these machines was only supported by the non-free madwifi driver. The good news is that now you can ../../FreeYourEee by upgrading your kernel to 2.6.30 as per ../../HowTo/Upgrade, as the free ath5k driver in recent kernels supports the AR2425.

The 701 is sometimes confused with the DebianEeePC/Model/701SD which has a different wireless chipset.

If the installer freezes while trying to install Wheezy onto a model 701, press the tab button beside the "install" option. Then edit the "vga=#" to "vga=769"

2015, EeePC 701 and Debian Jessie (linux-image-3.16.0-4-686-pae)

XF86Display: Exec /usr/share/acpi-support/eeepc-acpi-scripts/

The only other modification needed are options for the audio kernel module: