This model comes with an Atheros AR8132, supported by the atl1c module. It works fine with squeeze's kernel.


The wireless card is a Realtek 8171 (rtl819xSE module).

On Squeeze and later, the firmware-realtek package works with this card.

A module is available from Realtek, and works reasonably well since release 0015. It can be downloaded from:


It has an nvidia ION card, which is not very well supported. Suspend does not work when using the nv driver from Xorg.

Installing the nvidia-glx and nvidia kernel driver from sid makes suspend work with support for accelleration.

The nouveau drivers in the git branch work fine, but without accelleration.


The touchpad is a synaptics touchpad, and multitouch can be enabled by following the instructions in SynapticsTouchpad


There are still problems with suspend. The BIOS version can make quite a difference in the suspend behavior. Upgrading to the latest BIOS version (0324) fixes a fan bug that can make the fans stop working when coming back from suspend, leading to overheating and forced shut down.

However, it still is apparently not possible to suspend more than once per power-up. After the first suspend, the machine will try to suspend but fail and then return to normal state.